Horse Lessons

equestrian instruction

There are horsemanship, care and anatomy classes. All our instructors have years of experience and adapt the lessons to your needs. The Rock Creek Park Horse Center offers group and private lessons, clinics and lessons for riders of all levels.

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Highly educated schoolhorses. Would you like to try us before registering for classes or camping? Restricted area. Families or groups. You' ll get a $20 gift certificate for the lessons. It is open to children aged 5-15 years. Every rider skill set. Presentations on the subject of the horse. It' easy to horseback rides and make contacts! Do you want more travel times? Would you like to visit more horse shows?

A lot of riding and a lot of societal activities! Are you looking for funny and inconspicuous shows to which you can take your horse or your horseman? The shows are welcoming and a great environment for beginners and veteran riders who want to train their horse. Lucky horse, lucky horseman. Finding the right place for your horse can be difficult.

and our pets and our partners in crimes. Your support means the whole wide range for us and it is our task to offer you and your horse the best possible aftercare. It is the duty of all boarding school students to take lessons. This is a full horse centre that offers Hunt Seat lessons in Hunt Seat, training, eventing and balance seat for kids and grown-ups, beginners to intermediate.

You can also find the Equi-Lease-Program, Camp, School, Shows, Horse Selling and much more. It' s important to us to have a secure and pleasant surrounding for horse back rides, as well as a familiar ambience for young and old to take a rest from the actual day. Hunter/Jumper & Dressage Shows!

You never know what to buy for someone interested in a horse? You' re not sure where you're going to find her something to do with a horse? They can make a buck amount that can be used for lessons, camps or shows. You can also make teaching packs. - The shed will be shut down if Howard County has a contingency plot.

  • Prospective applicants: undergraduates, working people and employees: There are no shawls when you ride. - Please call the shed if you miss your lessons. - There are several make-up lessons to supplement. Enter your entry in the field in the stable offices. If you are a serious rival or a beginner who wants to do "horse things", we have a lot of great things to do, which are always a great game.

This is great for the whole house, so come and join us for a funny night! The ring is useless during this period. We' ll work as usual during this period. It' 6:20. friendlines & frame welcome. Registration in the stable offices. Test your own abilities and have a lot of pleasure at the same one.

Pupils have the opportunity to show their families and boyfriends what they have learned in school. Register at the stable offices.

Please call 301-776-5850 to register. Spend a good evening with your horse, your boyfriends and good days! There is no horse charge. Suitable for mature pupils of Swiss High School. Please register at the stable or call 301-776-5850 to register. Horse-related presentations and practical work-shops. Amusement and a relaxing environment to know everything about the horse.

It is open to Swiss Chrome Club members and non-students. Authorized helmets and jackets are necessary. It is suitable for all skill level from 5-15 years. 50 per cent down payment on application. We are open to our pupils with their families and mates. Register at the stable offices. Horse-related presentations and practical work-shops.

It is open to Swiss Chrome Club members and non-students. It is suitable for all skill level from 5-15 years. 50 per cent down payment on application. Childrens aged 5-15 years are taught the fascinating realm of the horse. Camper horseback riding twice a week and get to know the art of riding through presentations, plays and handicrafts. From beginners to experienced horse riding enthusiasts alike will find an entertaining and secure environment for those who want to get to know a horse on the floor and under the horseback.

Register at the stable offices. It was a funny night for the whole group! Age 5-15 years. For those who remain at home during the days, we provide horse lessons during the week. We have four 8-week long lessons for all skill level from beginners to intermediate.

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