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Horseboxes for sale and horse trailers for sale with Horse & Hound. That is our current offer of horse transporters for trucks. Promote your horse boxes, trailers, carriages or carriages here.

Horse boxes for sale | Horsemart

At Horsemart we have a large range of new and used horse stalls and horseboxes for sale. Are you looking for a 3.5 ton horse transporter or perhaps something more? Have a look in our warehouse and find your ideal horse transporter today! Light and robust 3.5 ton horse box with a load capacity of 1100 kg.....

Forward or backward 5 XL ton two stables or herringbones with a large load capacity of 2800.... Renault Master 3. TRAVETT and Smith Horsebox Easy to ride 6. Forward/backwards 5 tons two/three stalls or.... Horseboxes Trevett and Smith Ltd Super light and powerful 3.5 ton horsebox with a category.....

£26,950 + tub, 3. 5 tons,....

Brand new & used horseboxes for sale in UK

Choose year of construction 2008 on a 2004 frame. There is a checker sheet above the bottom so that it is very stable and provides good air ing with three opening horse side lights and a ventilator. CCTV in the cabin to watch the ponies, bedding in the car with four seat posts and four saddles and seats in the groom area with jockeystick to allow easy accessibility.

Twelve mm mat in the horse area. 7-feet horse area. Cuffs for 4 horses. horsewash. Five tons of horsebox. Two-colour paint finish, construction and mechanic guarantee incl. breakdown service. Just 18,500 NO Tax or from 200 pc, (ask us for finances) We can procure and construct customised specifications and budget.

LWB and MPV versions also available.

horse boxes

We have a large selection of new and used horse stalls for hobby and working riders who own, mount and show them. Rear loading bay, forward, backward and live horse stalls can be parked for 2, 3 and 4 horse with a weight of up to 3.5 tonnes, 6.5-7.5 tonnes and over 7.5 tonnes (trucks).

You can also buy horse stall parts for spare parts or repairs to your existing horse stall. Motorized trucks suitable for transporting the horse, today's horse stalls usually have aluminum flooring and hydr. loading and unloading platforms for ease of entry and departure. There are many horse stalls that provide CCTV safety features that allow you to keep an overview of the horse while driving and can also help when driving backwards.

More than 7.5 tonnes of trucks can store up to 4 large trucks in fishbone partition walls and are equipped with pneumatic springs and tilting cabins. They have large areas for the stowage of tacks and are equipped with slit cabins to move effortlessly into the home. When participating in onsite shows, only simple horse transporters can make an excellent selection, as many are equipped with "day living" cabins, which provide a changing area, a sleeper cab and a seperate shelter for turn.

As an alternative, if you are on the road a great deal, you need a fully fitted lounge area, which is available in many luxurious horse stalls.

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