Horse Lovers


This is the right site for you if you love a horse: The Horse Lovers Horse Lovers is a site for horses and all horse owners. Horses, riding horses, having a horse? is a dating site for horse lovers and equestrian singles.

Horse-Lovers - Bizarre date websites you didn't know exist - Images

You can find your Lettuce soul mate - as in the one who puts the same ingredient in his lettuce as you to find spouse. Launched by a female suffering from uterine carcinoma, the new site tries to find those who can't have it.

a site for environmentally responsible people. As an action for a scientific film, the user will help to find his soul mates with genetics and chemicals. is looking for lovers of "Star Trek", "Star Wars" and other scientific and fictional things. Avoid a Star Trek versus Star Wars discussion. How to have a horse? is a website for horse lovers and riders single.

where the members are not scared to say how nerdig they really are.


Horse Lovers Park offers grassroots organisations and fellowship programmes such as The Horse Tales (was Black Stallion) Literacy Program, Special Olympics, as well as Special Olympics, as well as other clubs/organisations a venue for their activities. The Horse Lovers Park offers kids a place to gamble, study, compete with each other and enjoy growth. It doesn't take a horse to be a cowboys!

Our futures are ours - the futures of our fellowship and our planet. HLP for grassroots associations and fellowship programmes such as The Horse Tales (was Black Stallion) literacy programme, Special Olympics and many other programmes that brings together horse and human in a caring, adaptive environment.

Provision of high-quality facilities for associations and groups to study and competit. A place for the fellowship and non-horse-like groups such as scout, scout, runner/jogger, cyclist, canine walker and those who just love to come to the various outings. If you would like to help, please keep in mind that this site is run by a team of volunteers - let us know!

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