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Competent consulting for horse grooming and equitation

You will find everything you need to know about living with your horse on these pages. Would you like to know how to keep your horse in good health and happiness? The American Cowboy is the journal for genuine West German culture, travelling and personal. Every edition is full of histories and histories, among them the profile of Rancher, Country-Western musicans, rodeos and occidentalists.

Today, it is devoted to the rapidly expanding equestrian sports - a popular word that means "training". "We' re one of a kind - the only monthly publication that concentrates on detailed step-by-step tutorials. Besides the education the reader receives reports about the latest innovation in the grooming and nutrition of youngsters, the physical condition of youngsters, novelties from the equestrian scene and the profile of top class youngsters and equestrians.

The EQUiManagement is distributed four issues a year to all members of the American Association of Equine Practitioners and comes with the award-winning EQUUS Magazin. Veterinarians depend on contents from the ranges marketing, finances, operation and humans ressources, which are cut particularly to the growth of horse practical men. EQUI MANAGEMENT equi management is the only book in the sector that is directly distributed to these thought-leader and entrepreneurs.

For veterinarian specialists, please consult Kim@aimmedia to subscribe to Comp. Free-of-charge weekly newsletters when you sign up or refresh your account. It is EQUUS' mission to help horse breeders better understand and understand the horse's needs and environment. Subjects range from the latest advances in vet medicine and horse grooming to the horse's outstanding and lasting relation to humans.

It has a long relationship with the American Association of Equine Practitioners as a media partner. Horse & Rider offers everything you need for today's horse world. Get to know first-class professionals, coaches, hospitals and horse management specialists. Enjoy westerly living. Journey to west and excursion goals. Horse & Rider is your resources for living today's horse world.

Practical Horseman offers practical, educational essays about horse backpacking, horse grooming and competitions for equestrians of all British sports. Clear, skilfully illustrated step-by-step reports take the experts' knowledge from top horsemen and coaches to the magazine's goal-oriented readership. was founded in 2000 and is the No. 1 stable management resources for horse professionals. provides new products and sector updates every day and has our newsletter on a regular basis. We' re reintroducing the printed version, which is available free of charge on the website upon enquiry. Teams Racing Journal aims to extend and stimulate the racing community by providing vibrant coverage of the individuals, the horses and what's happening that inspires the game.

With dedicated editing and photographing, we are working to give today's teams the necessary contents to maximise their valuable experience in and outside the arenas.

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