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A horse magazine with know-how that helps you get the most out of your life with horses. The British Horse has the highest circulation of all horse magazines in the UK. Recent News VIEW ALL Coming Next Month SEE MORE Stockists Find your nearest dealer of Absolute Horse. The WESTERN HORSE UK, the online and print resource for all western riders in the UK and abroad.

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The Horsemanship Magazine - Horsemanship Magazine

We have many magazines about the horse, but we also deal with other subjects. We' re shameless horse freaks and if you like reading, thinking and talking about the horse, you'll feel comfortable. Ben Moxon in our 4th of our 10 essential lessons in Horsemanship article will explain how we can separate our horse's power from the way we guide, and use it in different ways to refine it.

Equityrader - Equestrian Lifestyle Magazine

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BHS Magazine - the BHS Magazine

Featuring useful tips, fun and interesting contests and the latest information and announcements from Britain's leading horse magazines, Britisch Horse has the highest print run of any horse magazines in the UK. If you would like to get your copy of our UK Horse Journal, join now. Our team is open from Monday to Thursday from 8.35-17 and on Fridays from 8.35-15.

To have a history you would like to talk to us about, send an e-mail to the Public Relations team. For more information about publicity in English Horse, please have a look at our package.

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