Horse Mane Brush

Maned horse brush

International Intrepid Brush for Mane and Tail This is a great horse brush made of solid wood with filaments that will not come out. Contrary to most other types of brush, this brush has very rigid filaments that do not come loose, no matter how tough you use this brush. Made by horse owners for the best horse care.

Invoice $49 or more for selected horse shipments and get free UPS shipment.

Invoice $49 or more for selected horse shipments and get free UPS shipment. Eliminate breakage and stripping with this soft Easter Eqine Mane and Tip Brush. An especially developed comfortable grip and a round face allow you to brush your horse's mane and cock with lightness. 5-1/4 inch Head length: 13 inch Grip length: 13 inch

Total length: 13 inch Handle length: 13 inch Head length: 13 inch Head width: 5-1/4 inch Easter Equine Mane and Tail Brush is 4.9 out of 5 out of 11. works great I really like this brush. I' m a new horse trader. Whenever I brush my horse, I use it. The best brush ever.

Aids in untangling with mane and cock. Nice article. Now I just purchased this Item and so far it used 2 time on a fringe and my fav horse, and their hairs were horizontal, but after using this I loved this I was so downy, and the ponytail this brush worked great, this one.

It' really good value for your bucks I got for my horses' mane and tail. I' m very satisfied since I took out a few more bucks and got one. There is confusion without removing the brushes, and the filaments are thick without breakage or flex.

Also the grip is light to grip.

1. Longer, thicker and more full manes and tails

Later in this paper we will be discussing the problems we have with some of these more common paintbrushes. We have developed our filaments by our mane and tail growing specialists. If you separate each strands of brushing your mane, you will see a bigger and richer mane and a bigger brush. Like already stated, the brushes in our new brush are the optimum amount and the best rigidity.

Unlike many other types of brush available for purchase today, our brush will not rub through knobs and growls and cut through your horse's coat. The brush is made to do the work and at the same time it is so delicate that you get a feeling when you come across a lump. To view the How To Series, click here.

As well as improving the appearance of your horse's mane and tails, you will cause less damaging and breaking to your horse's coat with our new brush.

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