Horse Mountain ca

Mount horse ca.

Physical, cultural and historical characteristics of California; name of characteristic: United States, North America. View the free topo map of Horse Mountain a Summit in Humboldt County California on the Grouse Mountain USGS Quad Map. Mine et usine de concentration de Horse Mountain, forĂȘt nationale de Six Rivers, comtĂ© de Humboldt, CA.

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Panoramic views of the Trinity Alps from Horse Mountain. Even though there are no regular hiking paths in the Horse Mountain area, some interesting and scenic hikes are possible. As a rule, the route depends on forest tracks that have been repaired or left deserted. Much of this hiking takes place in the 1,100-hectare Horse Mountain Botanical Area, a name that recognises the singular natural beauty of these high-altitude Jeffrey Scots Jew el Jeffrey, West Jaw, Port Orford Celcius and other conifer species.

The area has been exposed to a high degree of anthropogenic stress, as shown by the array of communication gear over Horse Mountain itself, the old slopes on the northern wall of Horse Mountain, the remains of the Horse Mountain Copper Mine near by and all too often shell shells and other debris.

Over the past few years, a government alliance of hiking enthusiasts has worked informal to establish an identifying net of hiking trails in the Horse Mountain area. Although the forest administration has not allowed formal signs or assisted path design, the government identifies several very enjoyable strolls that are mirrored below.

A certain amount of routing is required in all cases and a Six Rivers National Forest card is useful. Take the Titlow Hill Rd. 0 mile from Berry Summit. Continue along Titlow Hill Rd for 4. Six nautical miles to the wide Horse Mountain car park, which also acts as a hub for several highways.

In this area there are extensive car parks for the Horse Mountain Mine Walk. Take a turn to your right to access the India Butte Loop and Trinity Alps Vista Walks. Drive ahead along Forest Service 1 for the Cold Spring Walk (Hike #86) and Spike Buck Mountain walk (Hike #87). A relatively brief stroll, it provides excellent vistas of the Trinity Alps, Mount Shasta, the Bald Hills and the Klamath Mountains, Brush Mountain Fire Lookout and surrounding geographic attractions.

Not signposted, the itinerary uses a mix of a heavily trafficked forest track, a rugged dense monkey track and an idle logger's track that surrounds an eastward Horse Mountain crest. As with practically all hikes in the Horse Mountain area, the Wild Butte Loop is unsigned and requires some convenience in your search.

However, this is not a complex stroll, and the ubiquitous symbol of communications gear on Horse Mountain makes it hard to get lost. What's more, it's a great way to get around the mountain. Descending, the trail follows a forestry track with regular westward vistas; the way back takes a sharp ascent through the old Horse Mountain skiing area, now lined with twenty-year-old coniferous trees.

The view of the Trinity Alps and the faraway Mount Shasta opens up from here. At the end of the last stage you have a view to the south of Titlow Hill and the remains of Horse Mountain Copper Mine. The western and northwestern hillsides of Horse Mountain contain a healthful display of Port Orford redwood.

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