Horse Neck Blanket


Safeguard your horse from the worst winter with the ultimate switch armor! ComFiTec Dynamic Stnd Neck Med Lite. Soft blankets are available with different neck designs to meet the needs of your horse. An ordinary neck blanket covers only the body of the horse. ComFiTec Premier Free Detach-A-Neck Blanket.

SoftPak Ultimate High Neck Turnout Blanket

Safeguard your horse from the harshest of winters with the perfect crossover outfit! SmartPak High Neck Supercover has all the same great properties as the Genuine SmartPak High Neck Supercover, with a durable non-slip and tear-resistant cover. High neck pattern provides more cover through the panels and avoids compression on the ankles for a more snug fitting.

We are so sure that it will take years to provide it with a 10-year indestructible warranty. We have you and your horse in our sights - no matter what happens! 10 years indestructible guarantee - the small print: We' re so convinced of the ruggedness and longevity of the SmartPak Ultimate Nylon Turnout Blanket that we'll either change or return it within 10 years of your order - no difference what happens!

The warranty does not, however, apply to ceilings where the stitching is applied in a location other than the webbing, as it affects the blanket fabric soundness.

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Editorial note: It is December, and many horse lovers are not only getting ready for hibernation, but are looking for the ideal "gift" for their horse and themselves. Each year, ceiling producers are able to enhance their range to such an extent that it becomes more difficult for your horse to get undressed and avoid getting wet and snowy.

The new models of this year's blankets are characterised by funny printings, new materials and technological characteristics aimed at the horse's good looks and comforts. The blanket is winterproof with a 1200 deniers ripstop, watertight shell and 210 deniers liner with 250 gram poly-fill. The Tough 1's Snuggit neck and abdominal wraps allow for a more individual blanket-fitting.

The new blanket is available in 69, 72, 75, 78, 81 and 84 in the colours turquoise and mauve. This new thermoreflective blanket is lined with a thousand minute aluminium points, which return radiating infra-red energy to the horse's core to warm it and give it the rough thermal energy of an additional 100g.

Removable neck and 1200 deniers of water resistant Oxford blued polyamide outside allow breathing activity to avoid overheating. The Pessoa supports this blanket even with a two-year guarantee on shell fabrics and a three year guarantee on waterproofness and breathing activity. It is suitable for ponies of sizes 69 to 84. StormCheeta 2000 deniers 2000 deniers are made of high quality balistic polyamide and are available in 200g and 400g fillings.

It has an integral neck like a hot turtle-neck sweater for a harsh-winters. The low gusset and the large folded tailgate ensure that even experienced riders feel well. It is also available with a removable neck for less chilly climate zones. We have made sturdy printings and conservation plaid for leaves and covers here, and we could have done these funny printings all the time!

Every year Shires Equestrian Products produce a Tempest Rain Sheet and Turnout edition. They both have a ShiresTex 600 deniers shell that is watertight and breatheable, and the Tempest soft blanket also has a 200g warm liner. Tempest Rain Sheet is available in 57 to 84 and Tempest Turnout in 48 to 84; both in horse and Sheepprint.

Amigo's best-selling switch blanket now has an innovating windscreen front shutter, a lightweight, versatile front shutter that can be used with one hand, so that even those who do not enjoy the ride. Bravo 12 is still made of a water resistant and highly breathing 1200 deniers and a 250g (Excalibur with blues and blacks) or 0g (Navy with blues and silver) fabric in 66 to 87mm.

The new Amigo Bravo Deluxe Plus blanket is a new Super Twill exterior that is water resistant, highly absorbent and extremely hard-wearing. These are available in size 66 to 87, as well as available in different colours and colours: mahogany.

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