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The National Research Council Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources COMMITTEE ON NUTRIENT REQUIREMENTS OF HORSES LAURIE M. LAWRENCE While not just a horse feed calculator, these horse feed guidelines light on horse feed questions how much hay to feed a horse. You can catalog your training plan for accurate nutritional calculations. Research-based information for a good nutrition of your horse. Browse hay price calculator on iTunes.

Fodder Nutrition Calculator

Nutritional information on the feeding stuff used in the feeding stuff libraries comes from other sources such as "Nutritional requirements of cattle", "Nutritional requirements of pigs" and "Nutritional requirements of dairy cattle". What is needed to get food ready? To do this, you must first specify Feeding Typ and then Specific Product. Then enter the weight in kg. Adds the podcast to the shopping cart.

The food you choose.

Fodder Calculator: Mathematics Feed Day

Horsemen often wonder what the different measures on horse fodder trailers mean, how they can use these measures to see what their horse is using and why they must be so muddling! To put it briefly, animal feeding businesses use the nutrition measurement unit they must use.

Equine and other animal feedingstuffs are labelled in accordance with the requirements of the American Association of Feeding Regulation Officials (AAFCO) and various state animal feedingstuff inspection requirements. Those authorities shall determine the unit to be used for each nutrition in day warranties. Below is a listing of the four most commonly used feeding unit and an explanation of how they work.

Proteins,aminoacids, fats, fibres and macro-minerals (calcium, phosphor, magnesia and potassium) are expressed as percentages. In order to compute the quantity delivered per poun, change the percentage to a fractional value by shifting the percentage point two digits to the lefthand side and then multiplying it by the lined lbs.

When a horse's demand for a day is given in grammes, the pound can also be calculated in grammes. If required, a Google-based " Pound in gram " query can be used to create a practical calculator. An ingestion that is 14% of protein would contain 1 lb x 0. 14 = 0. 14 lb of the ingestion.

Coins: there are 16oz per lb, so the same lb of food would contain 0. 14 x 16 = 2. 24ozs of protein. Gram: there are 453. Six g per lb, so the food would contain 453. Five g of proteins per lb of food. The feeding of 5 pounds of this food per diurnal, results in 0. 7 pounds or 11.

A two ounce, or 317. Five grams per diem. First-class horse feedstuffs are usually labelled with 0.6 parts per million solenium. That is 0.6 mg/kg of animal feeding stuff. That is equivalent to 0.273 mg per lb of forage. Point-size 6 mg/kg split by 2. 2 kg/lb = 0. 273 mg per lb of forage.

A daily intake of 5 pounds of this food results in a daily intake of 1. 365 mg r. a... As there are some rather complex calculations from different source of vitamins into international units, the demands on the animals are given in international units, so no further calculation is necessary. Fodder that contains 100 IU/lb of vitamine per litre and is supplied with 5 pounds per diem provides 500 IU per den.

Vitamine on the other hand (or uptake) and habitin are usually given in mg/lb or mg/lb. Normally only on older horsefood. Fodder that contains 75 mg/lb of vitamine on a daily basis, containing 5 lb of 5 lb, provides 375 mg per DA. Again, it depends on the right amount..... if you do not meet the manufacturer's minimal nutritional requirements, your horse's nutrition will not be in balance and you will not see the results.

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