Horse on Mountain

Mountain horse

The steep cliffs along the park. trailhead skid Coming from Patten: Exit ME-11 and turn lefthand onto ME-159/Shin Pond Rd. Follow this for 26 to Matagamon Gatehouse. You will find the trail head on the leftside, 0.6 leagues behind Matagamon Gatehouse on Park Tote Rd.

Away from the street, park your car in a small glade. 1,589 ft. high, Horse Mountain is a small but remarkable summit near the east border of Baxter State Park.

The steep rocks along Park Totte Rd are the first welcome attraction for those who enter the park from Patten through Matagamon Gate. Slowly the path begins to climb along an old street. There is a small stream that is traversed at 0.1 mile. The path climbs 1.2 kilometers and crosses a flat area south-east of the mountain.

On your lefthand side is a 0.3 nautical levee that leads eastwards to a beautiful vantage point with a view of the Eastern and Southern Branch Valley. On the right, the peak path leads 0.2m after the intersection and flows into a mixture of tree and open cliffs with confined view of Matagamon Lake in the North, Mount Chase in the East and The Traveler in the Shwest.

Horse Mountain Track climbs 796 ft over 1.4 mile on its way to the top. The Baxter State Park Track crews opened a sequel to the Horse Mountain Trail[not on map] in 2004. The Horse Mountain Track leads 1.4m west from the intersection of peak, vantage point and major paths to join the Five Ponds Track at Billfish Pond.

Parking rules: The path is located in Baxter State Park. Please see the Baxter State Park Authority website for more information and in-depth trails.

Humboldt Co., Horse Mountain, Coastal Range, California, USA

There is one peak 11.0 km (6.8 miles) WSW from China Flat and 12.6 km (7.8 miles) W from Salyer. Performed by various local surveys, this geographical mapping and the associated information on rocks at or near the co-ordinates indicated for this location are derived from relatively small geographical surveys.

While this does not necessarily reflect the entire geological situation in the area, there is a backdrop to the area in which it is located. These locations are for references only.

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