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Participate in the revolution and enjoy shopping in a store where customer service is our top priority. Buy our famous brands Rambo, Amigo, Rhino, Micklem and many more! Horses for real horses. Handcrafted artwork; Proudly Made in the USA;

Quality craftsmanship; Online support. These safe and gentle horse tranquilizers can help calm and concentrate a hyperactive, irritable or excited horse.

Horses Newmarket

The Horse Requisites showroom is located in the heart of Newmarket, the home of UK Horse Racing, renowned for its superb whole blood stud farm and school. Our belief is that it will help that our employees are all like-minded horse men who can gather experiences over generation to make sound decisions for your horse needs.

All for horse and horseman! Mudfever, what is it and why do horse get it?

Hööks HORSE FIRST | Hööks - Buy online

First Horse offers first class premium product for your horse. Rest my horse quieter, calmly, take off your horse Dmega, Hoof First and many more for the good looks and well-being of your horse. In the product category you will find a large selection of additional exposure items. In this case, we would like to create a salesman for many customers.

For orders under 100 the delivery costs are 7,90 ?. For orders over 100 we take over the forwarding expenses. Hööks refunds gladly all articles within 60 workingdays, sales article 14 workingdays.

Buy online horse and equestrian chaskit items

Our online shop sells only the finest horse and equestrian items. Sunday, Monday and public holidays close. We think that you will be interested in our shop for promotions or messages. Find all the latest information on Facebook, including hints, advice, sightseeing and more.

Horse trials in badminton | Online shopping

The Badminton gift vouchers are available at our checkout and can be shipped in good Time before Christmas. You can redeem your gift certificate when the cashier opens at the beginning of January and no funds will be deducted from your credit until the gift certificate is surrendered in January.

Badminton merchandise and official Badminton items are now available in our online shop.

Welcome to Monty Roberts storefront

Roberts is an authentic US horse whisperer whose Join-Up® technique demonstrates the deepness of possible communications between horse and horse coach. In about thirty seconds, money can get a must-have horse that has never been rode away to agree to this trusting relation from the horse.

Monty has seen tens of millions of people work with Equus and continues to tour the world. For 58 consecutive week, the New York Times' bestselling biography, The Man Who Listens to Horses, stayed on the New York Times best-seller lists for what was an outrageous horse textbook, changing forever our perceptions of the horse-human world.

Monty's textbook From My Hand to Yours: The third issue is devoted to coaching mastery horse classes from a single year. Monty cover the horse gear, horse fitness, turn, bit, guide line, horse pony, mustang, join-up, young horse education in nature riding, horse biting, trailers load, assembly and halter.

Meanwhile, Mr. Meanwhile, Mr. Meanwhile proposes that the DVD Fix-Up, Ask Meanwhile and Monty's Equus Online University videos complement the horse training gifts in this work.

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