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Horses and Pets Online Only Auction #4 Auctioning is open and ends Tuesday, June 26 at 6:00 pm: Thursdays June 28, Friday June 29, or from 9:00 to 17:00 p.m. This is the fourth in a row of auctions to wipe everything out in the deal! Please note: This liquidation does not apply to the business of Priddy's Mini Warehousing and Building or Priddy's Wood and Hardware.

The name Priddys is a well-known name in the South West Virginia world. Over time, the company's product and service portfolio have also evolved. With the same work ethics and expertise they are known for, they have developed Priddy's mini storeroom into the biggest on-site warehouse in the south of West Virginia with 3 sites and over 700 warehouse facilities that provide periodic and air-conditioned stock.

By 2010, Scott Priddy (Don's son) had his own personal dream and started the company's own movable (mobile) part. With the same work ethics as his dad and uncles, the range of wearable warehousing has increased to over 100 items. Priddy's is a local property run by the Priddy's guys.

With Priddy for your memory needs, you can be sure that you are looking for a good quality products at a reasonable cost. Thanks from all of us here at Priddys! Thursdays 28 June, Friday 29 June, or from 9:00 to 17:00 h. Shipment is at the buyer's cost.

The online auction system starts at 18:00 and closes 25 articles every 5 min with a 5 -minute bid renewal. We sell all articles "AS IS WHERE IS, WITHOUT WARRANTY". Note that these objects are used and may have marks, bumps, dents, punctures, unpleasant odours, etc.

A preview is strongly recommended to assess the state of each item and to get an overview of the quantity or quantity of articles in each batch. On-site auctions can have objects in the loft, cellar, barn, backyard, frightening dungeons and other places your husband or wife may be reluctant to use.

Akhman Realty & Aktions is not liable for computer errors during the auction. The positions are indicated by the batch number attached to the position. Though not all auction have a preview. Handels Realty & auxtions of WV reserve the right to prohibit or conduct transactions with persons who do not consider themselves qualified.

You will need a lot of help and the right gear to get rid of your objects. Akhman Realty & Auctions of Wv is not liable for computer or tech. mistakes.

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