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Toothpaper fleece blanket STOUT! One of the biggest advantages of a stable carpet is that it is more breathable than an outdoor carpet. Outstanding ground cover for under and outside your tent. " Parked Horse" Western Hand Stenciled Oval Jute Rug. " Parked Horse" Western Hand Stenciled Oval Jute Rug.

Careless Horse - RV Awning Patio Mat with free mallets and stakes - Super Sale!

Use the Carefree Horse - RV Awning Patio Mat with free mallets and poles - Super Sale! for Sale Pricing! Uniquely multicoloured weave in either main or backing patterns produces a breathtaking, invertible look that gives you two printing options in one mat. The mats are perfectly under the awning.

With one of these mats your terrace, patio or veranda will look great! Numerous applications such as motor shows, boat shows, race shows, horse shows, state / county fairs, etc. Carefree Horse is available in five (5) basic colours, dark red, dark brown/brown, bordeaux, black, dark grey/grey. The packing slightly increases the shipment mass.

6' x 9' weights about 6 pounds. 9' x 12' weights about 12 pounds. 9' x 18' weights about 16 pounds. Place the tag on your returns and attach it to your next dispatch centre. There is no charge for returning your order - we take care of everything.

We will prioritize your returns the same as your order. THEY ARE THE BEST!

Carpets - TRI Equestrian NI

Ripstop 600 deniers water tight and highly breathing Ripstop fabric Robust 210 deniers polyfill liner with 250 grams of polyfill padding..... Ripstop fabric Robust 210 density polyfill liner with 250g polyfill infill.

Rugged 1680 deniers ripstop fabric, watertight and highly absorbent upper. With hard-wearing 210 density polyfill liner and 400 grams of polyfillfill. Rugged 1680 deniers ripstop fabric, watertight and highly absorbent upper. With hard-wearing 210 density polyfill liner and 400 grams of polyfillfill.


It' quite possible to keep a horse outdoors without a carpet even in winters when used to it and as long as they are fit, able to move and have easy contact with the feed and accommodation when they are in a relaxed position around the clock. However, it is also possible to keep a horse outdoors without a carpet. For example, if these conditions are not fulfilled, your horse may be hurt, but must still be in a stall, or you may have to protect him if the wheather gets too poor.

When you keep the horse sufficiently energetic during your workout to make it perspire, it may be a good practice to shorten it and use a carpet. Shearing the horse is possible in several ways; if you are only shearing under the throat, it is not necessary to make up for this with a carpet, but if you are shearing all or large parts of the horse's trunk, you should use a carpet inside and outside.

Every carpet that the horse carries over a longer length of life must match in style and height, and Hööks has a wide range to offer. It' not pleasant for the horse to carry a carpet that is too big or too deep, so that it slips back over the back of the heel.

Clamped horse is often more susceptible to chafe marks, so even if the carpet sits well, it can cause them. When you keep several ponies in the same dock, you may want to get a carpet made of a good quality with a high number of deniers, as it can take a little horse play and silliness.

When the horse gets busted or kicks on the carpet, it can rip even the thickest carpets. If you are repairing an outdoor carpet, the best way is to remove loosely threaded pieces and then stick a sheet of cloth to the inside and possibly stitch around the crack. They should be sewn as little as possible in watertight carpets, as the punctures can puncture the material and lead to leaks.

When you need a carpet, when the horse is in the riders camp, you should select a switch carpet. Combined carpets can be used as stable/travel/cooling ceilings. If the carpet is colder, it is used on wet horse (can also be placed under another carpet). The other carpets are mainly used as carpets for stables and travelling.

Choose a horse back length, from the wither to the base of the tails (see picture). If you try on the carpet, be sure to put a blanket or a thin carpet under the carpet nearest to the horse. This blanket is used to keep the horse indoors.

Do not use this carpet outside as it is not watertight. For example, if your horse has a full ring and is standing in a cool barn, you may need a carpet with 300 to 500 gram of padding to keep the horse warmer. Colder carpets are designed to remove humidity from the horse's fur.

Fleeces and woollen carpets are perfect for this task, as they transport the humidity through the material to the carpet top. This carpet is also suited for travelling, so that the horse remains wet even if it starts to sweat during the trip. Switch carpets are available with or without infill.

Consider when choosing a switch carpet that it must not only resist rains, but also allow sweating. So that the carpet does not seal the horse's inner surface. The characteristics of a soft carpet should be the same as the normal one, i.e. it should be watertight and breathing so that the horse remains hot andry.

It should also have a suitable food to keep the horse out of the coldness. A leaf of insects/summer leaf keeps the horse safe from annoying bugs. Carpets with ultraviolet protection are also available for sun-sensitive animals. It is used to keep the rump hot and sore and can be used to heat up and cool down or throughout the workout.

Available in a variety of fabrics, from soft and woollen to wrap-around comforters. Notice: The carpet can get a little darker if you make it watertight. Wherever the carpet is covered with white powder, the carpet can also become soaked. In prolonged downpours, moisture often penetrates through the neckline and the carpet can become wet at the sides.

Weary and laundered carpets can become leaky after some time. Don't rinse your switch carpets too often.

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