Horse Paddock Boots for Sale

paddock boots for sale

Tridstep and Ariat Paddock boots for sale and at affordable prices. Paddock boots and high boots are specially designed for the rider. Convenient fit, features that horse riders need and stylish design. The Comfort Equestrian has introduced a beautiful new line of BR Comfort Line paddock boots for men and women. This luxurious Cambrelle lining is comfortable, light and durable for everyday use.

The BR Comfort Line Paddock Boots - Style, Quality & Power

BR Equestrian has launched a new line of BR Classic Line Paddock Boots for men and women. The new boots, which have been developed and made in Europe by Bieman de Haas, are available in toe, zipper and slip-on in either maroon or amber. A sleek round nostril and an exquisite new form have been blended with exquisite designs, materials and craftsmanship to create a boots with outstanding grip, convenience and func-tion.

Complementing the Comfort Line range are the Comfort Finesse range, whose many additional characteristics such as high-quality leathers, high-quality soles, additional cushioning of the shaft and external reinforced toe provide extra strength.

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You should never again be paying for an equal one. Please ask our after-sales service for help: Paddock boots for every horseman. This means you no longer have to struggle with unbound shoelaces or incorrect zips. Featuring the lightness and convenience of this sleek PU suede pull-on paddock with ripped, stretchy sides for added flexibility.

Soft PU suede pull-on paddock with finned, stretch sides for flexibility. Made of 100% PU-Ledder. It' really beautiful and convenient so far! I use them several days a weeks for trailer rides or flat work. Rubber band's still like new, no problem. All in all a really beautiful couple of school boots!

It was very competitive, so I tried it. They' re very beautiful boots, but I still adapt to them. They' re really cute. Reasonably priced for a children's boots, but it was a little small in comparison to Ariatizing. She started to grow out of her Ariat 2 1/2 boots but could not yet carry a few handmade Ariat 4s.

You should never again be paying for an equal one. Look for the best offer and let us know when you find a better one. Fill in the following information and submit your inquiry for a quotation. Please click on the links in the e-mail to enable the desired prize!

Copying the website URL from the equal products showing the lower prices.

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