Horse Parade

equestrian parade

On the Sunday before the fair week, the All Horse Parade shows an impressive exhibition and a march of horses and carriages of many kinds and sizes. The horses are ridden and driven in the actual parades in various ways. View all horse parades All Horse Parade will return in 2018 with an even bigger and more extensive party, thanks to the attendance and ongoing planning of Farmington City and Davis County officers and our generosity supporters. It is our pleasure to show you the best horse tests from the whole region in a wonderful environment.

Look for more detail, but highlight your August 17, 2018 schedule at Farmington, where one of the most stunning and fanciful types will appear in the great All Horse Parade returns from The Days of '47 All Horse Parade. One of the charms of this parade is that only horse-related tickets can be entered and the audience can see them up closer.

Viewers of all age groups relish the thrill of miniscule creations to huge draught horse, from 4-H junior groups to historic equestrian groups. Big groups like the Frisians provide suspense by tradition with banners, eye-catching dresses and well-trained beasts.

Horse parade in the city centre

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