Horse Pellets Ingredients

Ingredients of Horse Pellets

They are one of the three main sources of energy in horse feed. The ingredients in pellets can be very different. They have very high quality pellets (like most ration balancers) and there are also very low quality pellets.

Pelletized horse feed

Today there are many foods on the marked that are pelletized horsefood. The ingredients in pellets can be very different. Pellets are very high grade (like most diet balancers) and there are also very low grade pellets. In order to produce pellets, all components of the food must be fine milled and then crushed into a granular state.

As the ingredients have to be grinded so much, one should keep some things in mind: I don't think pellets will ever supply a horse with long-stemmed fibers. Pellets are too small to stimulate the horse's intestine.

The inferior ingredients are easy to hide. Because the ingredients are all so fine milled, it is not possible to say what the ingredients were. One other thing you need to think about when you buy pellets is how much sugars are in them.

Your pellets can contain large quantities of sugars and starches, dependent on the ingredients. When your pellets are high in sugars and starches, you should be very cautious and not eat more than 2-3 quid per cook. General legends about pelletized feed: I think pellets are better for my horse than candy.

Pelletized animal foods can contain as much, if not more, sugars and starches as conventional sweetened animal foods. If the pelletized food contains large quantities of sugars and starches will depend on the it is necessary to check the ingredients table to know exactly what you are buy.

The pellets, which are mainly made from animal food, are probably better for your horse in digestion security (but not necessarily nutritional) than conventional sweets. But if the ingredients are mostly grain and other high-starch foods your pellets can not be better than the conventional cakes.

The pellets are always the same from pouch to pouch. When your food is a solid pellet food, the pellets are made from the same food in the same proportions in each pouch. However if your food is a least-cost formulating odds are that your pellets are not the same make up each of them.

They can actually vary widely from pouch to pouch, up to the point where you give your horse a "different" food each new pouch you open. Pelletized food can be a great supplement to any horse's nutrition.... just make sure you do your homework first!

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