Horse Person Gift Ideas

Equestrian Person Gift Ideas

This shows that you really understand the person you're giving it to. Are you looking for a present for your favourite horses? We' ve got a selection of books, DVDs, music and other items that make a great gift. Paintbrushes are generic, but perhaps a little too utilitarian to be a gift. For most horse lovers, their equipment is particularly important (gloves must fit and have the right feel).

Gifts for trainers, stable managers and all peculiar horse men in your world!

These are some gift ideas for the folks who work every day to take good charge of you and your horse. Ridin' luggage: A gift of warmth! Snow horse boots: Nothing beats a good set of snow shoes to make long hibernations bearable! I' ve worked six years on horse ranches as a coach, horseman, manager and everything in between.

To find the right snow horse boot was the secret of survival during the long seasons in Northern Virginia. There is a large choice of footwear, so select the one that suits the person you are purchasing for most needs. Will your coach show himself through the year? Have a try of the Ariat Bromont H2O insulating boot

Is your stable owner spending the whole afternoon running through snows, dirt and waters to take good charge of your team? Have a look at the Mountain Horse Tall Ride Tall Boot. These are robust enough to withstand any kind of wheather, both in the back and on the upright. Artful riding: horse ornaments:

Gifts for horse enthusiasts

Looking for a gift for your horse lover? The odds are good, if you ask a horse person what he wants for a present, he can very well answer: "a horse! "You can' t buy a new horse for each of your mates? There are some ideas here that won't destroy the bench.

Present hampers have been in fashion for years. Make a gift bag or a pail about horses. Buy a cleaning bag or a feeding tub and fill it with various articles that are tailored to the topic of your contain. Buy a care bag, for example, and fill it with a wide range of hairbrushes, crests, polishes, scratches, grooming products, floorcloths and Ta-da!

You' ve got a gift on the subject of care. Or you can get a washing bin and fill it with your favourite sponge, shampoo, conditioner and welding spatula to make a bath set. You have a boyfriend who likes a certain colour? Buy a pail in this colour and fill it with a suitable holster, pencil cord, brush, pole wrap and boot bells.

Get your grandfather's horse and take a picture. When you have the right picture, go to a photography website such as or to make a one-of-a-kind gift. Think about placing the photograph on cups, note cards, decorations, saucers, cushions and more. Other personalised gift ideas are available.

A further point that horse enthusiasts cannot get enough of are photos of their ponies. Rather than taking the photograph, have a personalised image box personalised with your horse's name. Horsemen seldom take the liberty to spoil themselves. Your horse gets footwear every four to six week, but they are still swing boot from the last decad.

Gifts a voucher for spas so your boyfriend can polish his hoof s and have his hair out. "Do you have a girlfriend who always puts her horse first? Buy gift vouchers for various horse related activities she has not used before, such as a horse hydromassage or an pet communication meeting.

In this way, man and horse can profit from your gift. Delicacies on horseback are a proven and real gift for the horse enthusiast in your lifetime. Everybody likes to give their favourite horse a particular pleasure. Purchase a cutters in horse form and either a prescription or make your own prescription album.

is a great way to find recipes. Have you got a horse enthusiast in your lifetime, but don't know what to get? Giftcards are always a useful gift. With a gift voucher or gift voucher, you can never make a mistake. Tell us what your favourite presents are!

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