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Maned attraction: Hairy ponies - in images | Art and beauty

"Equestrianism can be fun," says Wiebke Haas, a well-known film-maker. "It is my greatest passions to elicit from them almost anthropological expressions." It has turned this love into a charming show named Horsestyle (shortlist for the Sony World Photography Awards 2018) with the beautiful Pauli (Elvis-Lippen-Curl) and Linus (Farrah Fawcett's) with a big bouncing hair.

And Haas was raised near an animal, which may explain why their horse is so comfortable. Delicacies on horseback and occasionally "tickling in the ear".

Horse riding photo shows on-line

After having held photo contests in the journal before, we have taken advantage of the opportunities offered by the realm of photography to present these photo shows to you. At that time it was necessary to send photos to the organizers of the exhibition so that they could be evaluated. Fortunately, things have evolved since then and we trust you will like our easy-to-use on-line input system.

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For the results of the fair, which ends on 28 January 2018, click here. To see the results of the exhibition until November 16, 2017, click here. To see the results of the exhibition until October 12, 2017, click here. To see the results of the exhibition until August 31, 2017, click here.

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Horses Portraits Photography Tips

Would you like us to do the painting or drawing of your horse? Then you are at the right place with us to prepare for photography or to email us the pictures we need. Photographs are the keys to success. We' re both working from a prime position for our portrait work, so the photo you take must catch your horse well.

You must also have the exact position you want to see in the picture. There' are many things to consider when taking pictures or selecting pictures for a profile. Taking pictures in the stable or outdoors? When you want to photograph your horse for a picture, it is perfect to take your horse to a farm or to the fields for the photo-shooting.

You can see by looking at the pictures below that the stalls are quite dim and the cameras used the built-in strobe to bring lights into the area. It will help us to see the horse more clearly, but can cause abnormal shadowing and shining on the horse.

To a certain degree we can take off lightning and reds from your sight, but if you have the opportunity to photograph your horse in direct sunlight, it is the perfect choice. Turn or not? You can also use the photo compare above as a good example of whether you want to see your horse in portraiture with or without bridles.

A lot of people like to see their horse more natural, without rein, carpets, jackets, bridles etc. Others like to have their horse varnished throughout their refineries. It' very hard to get rid of the glue when you work with your horse with glue, because it means to imagine what's underneath' and form these areas.

That' s why we rather colour or sketch the photo exactly as you have taken it. When you want us to sketch or sketch a portrait of your horse's mind, it is perfect to fill the searcher with the horse's skull. For example, we are not able to make a portrait of the entire human being.

There is not enough information in the photo to work with when you zoom into the photo on your computer. However, if you take a few steps forward, you can simply get a photo similar to the example below on the right. One can clearly see that both photographs were taken on the same date, at the same hour, but there is far more information within the photo on the right for painting.

When you want to have a full-length picture, it is a good way to take a series of full-body pictures, similar to the photo below to your right and without changing your viewing height, take a few steps forward to take some close-ups of the horse's skull.

In this way we have a lot of information about your horse for paint or draft. Often we make a mock-up for our customers on the computer with their pictures to show them what their portraits could look like. However, it is often hard for the customer to picture how his paintings or drawings will look with a different backdrop.

Through the creation of a mock-up we can show our customers before the real paint or draw begins. This is a fast way to show a customer how the fenceless fencing and goalless portraits could be composed and designed, as you can see in the two pictures below.

Computer mock-up is pretty coarse because it's only meant to give the customer an impression of the designs, but it's a great foundation for us to make traditional paintings and drawings from. It is always the best way to take pictures of your horse, but cell phones and trays are good if you follow a few easy snippets.

Be sure to take pictures outdoors on a bright sunshine, as the objectives in your portable device are not as good as those of your awning. Be sure to fill the display with your design as there is not quite as much information on your pictures from your portable device, so it's always best to get as near as possible and make sure you don't cut out your hears!

It is also an important element when photographing your horse. Photographs below were taken on two different dates. On the photo on the lefthand side the photo shows the horse in the sunshine over the photographer's right hand side.

On the photo on the right it is a much cloudier date and the photo shows the horse in the shade, so although we have some nice spots e.g. on the back of the horse's throat, the photo is not perfect for a profile. Select the date of your photo shooting carefully. Now you can see the finished image, which was taken from the above photo.

You are welcome to submit your pictures of your horse. Tell us your favorites that you really like to catch, and we can tell you what we think might be best for a profile, along with your portraits choices.......

It is unbelievable that it came here so quickly - it seems that it is faster from Wales than if I sent something to another state. It looks great, we are so pleased with the picture and the frames. We' ll definitely be sending you a photo and a message when we get back from Florida, but I just wanted to let you know she's there.

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