Horse Plow Harness for Sale

Plough gear for sale

Design of a motley crew to pull up a precipitous ridge. For sale. Full Kate and Kit Sisters Full drafted draught Belgium design and design full flag pole are 15.3 and a perfectly matched Safe and Sound 6 and 7 years old All Around Drafted draught pole that' willing to work for you this beautiful Molly' squad are in form and willing to respond to any speech command and stand the best No problem to harness or hook Don't get any better!!


FOR THE BEGINNER TO START WITH !!!!!!!!!!!!! Working on all agricultural machines and much expertise in doing so dung spreaders, plough, disc, mower, bale mower, etc. Also hitch them to the cart and never mind on the motorway no issue either to go safely and willing!

We deliver to the lower 48 and to Canada! Give a call for quotation asking $11,000 or best bid call Steven 606-706-6757 at any time is lucky to be able to answer ANY queries and speak to you about this motley crew if your looking for a safety ( beginner-safe) scheme motley crew NO FURTHER DO NOT come any better than these Molly's !!!!!

Spicy, all around young teammate !!!!!

20156 Horse and mule days - Pioneer Coach

10:00 am Sale of consignment articles incl. illustrated articles and 1-ton wagons with Haflinger shank, reaping machine, wheel attachments for home ladder, wagons with new holders and tensioning cables, and many other articles that still come every single workday! Get back in donkey's paradise with horse riding gear, carriage tours and a rustic luncheon.

It is an opportunity for you and your loved ones to enjoy seeing a horse show how each device works and what it does. You' ll see ploughing, harvesting, debating, haymaking and circulars as well as courses on pack s, drive, train and harness. Don't neglect to take along your own horse or horse-related objects that you would like to see sold during the auctions.

Please let us know if you want to include articles, gear or inventory in the bid. Please let us know in advance if you would like to place an ad for your articles. item for sale: The WESTERN HORSE AND MULE DAGS is an equestrian activity and the competitors recognise the risks involved.

CONSIGNED ARTICLE: The objects auctioned are "HOW TO SEE" and "WHERE IS". Before bidding, please check all articles thoroughly. Here are some pictures from the Horse and Mule Days 2015.

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