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I've already found exactly what I was looking for in this price range, so I know it's out there. When you see a horse you like here, we can also offer you the opportunity to try other horses with the same criteria. Horse ,000-,000 Top Horse, LLC Since we are interested in buying a young horse, a good Friend of ours suggested that we go to Helene's website. For a while we were looking for some very beautiful ponies before choosing one that would hopefully work for us. As the horse was examined, we were told every little thing on the telephone and we almost had the feeling that we were present.

Describing a particular musculature on the horse was exactly what Helene had described when she eventually met Ho Ho Ho. This makes the horse purchase procedure so simple that you always want to buy more! This is one of the highest class horse we have ever had.

Couldn't be more satisfied with our first import of a horse. Because Helene felt so good about our election, we made a trust advance and purchased from a film. It provides true information from its affiliates about each horse and the sales tapes are up to date and not processed.

She is very proffesional and sincere and answers every questions quickly. So we had our coach interview with Helene to make sure this would be a good game for our little one and asked for another videotape of a younger young woman who rides the horse. Your follow-up is excellent and our horse came to Los Angeles without any problems!

In any case, we would suggest them if you are considering it. Helene was monitoring the whole importer process. Friggy not only arrived safely and well taken care of, she was also exactly what Helene had been representing to me. The Helene is an absolutely jewel that can be used on any horse we have bought with them.

Our equestrian products are exactly what we were looking for and our client services are the best in the world. Thank you and your entire tophorse LLC staff for the great opportunity to select and purchase a horse from your European horsenet. We valued your perseverance as a first orderer as we checked and assessed several of your horse until we found a flawless fit for our juvenile Hunter/Jumper.

AKA Casey (Chivas 57) did well with the transportation from Germany and got used to the sports horse in the shed. We had a great time having direct access to a Horse Flights agent while Casey was in quarters and having a Horse Flights agent meeting us during pick-up.

Our acquisition is very satisfactory and we are even more enthusiastic about Casey's full capabilities. At the beginning of the year, when I contacted Helene to find a new horse, I was looking for a monocorn. Every time a horse came across her way that corresponded to my parametres, she sent it to me with her opinions and insights; always sincere and in advance.

Like she says about some of the donkeys she advertises: "She gave her best. All about the buying and importing processes was seamless and simple. No one else would use me if you were considering buying an imported. Thanks a lot, Helene, for all your tough work and your professionality. Huge thanks to Toporses and Helene for having found this jewel of a horse for me at a fraction of a price!

Can' t give Helene and TopHorses, LLC high enough recommendations. A horse of mine was injured shortly before Florida and I had to buy one immediately. I' d watched several hundred video's, but I couldn't find anything in my price range I wanted to buy. Helene suggested a horse under budgeted.

I' ve never purchased a horse from a video before, but I haven't had enough of going to Europe. This horse is fantastic and has surpassed my expectation in every respect. She was a fantasy to work with and I will definitely buy another horse from her very soon. Thanks, Helene, for meeting my pretty Finn for me.

He is such a charming horse and we are very pleased to have him as part of the MDM Equestrian Group team. To buy a horse that is not seen is a huge trust, and there are so many things that can go wrong. She and her partner represented fair and honestly - they don't use tips or smart video.

Your horse is of the highest possible standard at the best price you can find. She is available 24 hours a day if you have any queries. That horse you get will be the horse they represent, to be it, or better yet. Helene has been in permanent touch since I purchased my horse a few years ago.

They want to get updated, they want me to be lucky, and most of all, they want them to really take care of their well being. She has fully reinvested in the equestrian industry and her buisness is an example of ethics. Her horse, which she found for me, is spacious, courageous and self-confident. I' ve been importing a lot of horse from Germany, Holland, Spain and even Brazil, but my Top Horse, LLC riding experiences have been the simplest I have had so far.

Not even looking for a horse, but I knew I would be looking for a 17+ Hands EQ/Jumper in the near term. Caprio was all I had imagined when I saw him, what I wanted, and I knew I had to have him even though I hadn't yet bought my present horse.

Communicating and corresponding with Helene was always fast and she always responded to my questions. We had new X-rays that had just been taken, and I had them sent immediately to my veterinarian, who said he had never seen such perfectly good X-rays on a horse before. It would be a horse that my daugther will probably come to in the next year when she grows out of her present horse, so it was very important that the temper and riding ability was such that it would give her self-esteem and instruct her...a horse she could rely on, and I could rely on her, and Helene reassured me that it would be.

So I was a little worried about not being here during the shipment or meeting Caprio when he got there, but miraculously Helene could get him on a plane in a few working nights and he was in my shed before I even went on my itinerary!

I' m used to the horse getting on the airplane in Amsterdam, and then I coordinate the quarters myself. So I was not prepared for the services that would follow my horse all the way until he was housed in his stable at home. LLC uses Horse Flight, where my horse essentially had a Concierge who remained in touch with me throughout the entire trial.

While I was already on the telephone with tractors trying to make provisions to collect him for his launch date, Horse Flight had already taken it! Your horse can be rotten, so Caprio is a cool diversion for you. If you can rely on a horse, it makes its attachment all the more strong.

Can' t think of any words to acknowledge Helene Jones for associating me with Hernandez...the perfectly fitting horse for me. I' m an grown-up horseman with a small purse and have in the past lived most of my shopping experience travelling and trying out a horse. Because I knew there had to be a better way, I ran into Helene Jones.

Seeing a horse she had been posting, I enquired. When I swayed back and forth to get another horse, I valued her sincerity with every horse we talked about and her temper. With Helene's self-confident recommendations about the horse's character and spirit, I made progress with the sale, which was by far the simplest horse buy I have ever made, and I felt that much of it was due to Helene's quick communications and patient answers to issues that guided me through the proces.

We' ve had some horse happiness in the past, so I was determined to get a young one in the long run that was simple enough for an enthusiast to take with him with a "dumblood" mindset AND a neat, sober check. Prior to coming to the horse Helene had found, we had already examined animals in the States, Canada and abroad in Europe and nothing had worked.

Thought Helene's horse was all way out of line, so I never got in touch with her before, but that was clearly a flaw. Immediately she reacted and sent me some choices, which were all cheap and of the best possible qualit. So, after she had told her what I liked best about the few she had sent, she came back a few nights later with what was to become my horse.

Starting from ages, movements and types, breeds, sizes and checks, the horse ticked every boxes AND we ring under our maximum budgets inclusive checks and imports. He was there to allay my fears of the plane when my horse came in and to respond to my many queries from his breeder directory to what he should give him after many journeys.

To be honest, I was almost willing to give up until we found Helene who found us a horse and brought him home less than 3 week after our first time. We had him for almost a whole week now, but every riding is a pleasure and he is the young horse you can rely on an Amateur with a great mind on his belly.

Thanks Helene, you really found my hard-to-find monocorn! Having been burnt by a poor foreign exposure, I hesitated to buy through a friend I had never worked with before, but Helene was exactly what I needed to make me safe again. Professionally, honestly and personally, I have never felt so at ease in my dealings with a salesman as with Helene.

It provided infinite assistance, immediate answers to my many queries and ensured a seamless import procedure, even with my reservation to buy a horse from a film. Once you've ever been an importer, you know how many parts have to come together to be successful, but you don't have to do anything with Helene!

No matter whether you are looking for a starting horse or a show business associate, Helene will find the right horse for you. Many thanks to Helene Jones for our unbelievable top horse, Gracias CA. My idea is that there will be more top class stallions coming down the line! In June 2017 I bought Murphy from Helene and Topsters.

It has the motion and the canter and the leap and the physical appearance to get to the top in any kind of sports, but certainly as an eventhorse! He is the horse of my dream. The import via Helene was a good one. Purchasing a horse from just one videotape was a little nervous damage.

When Ezra got there, he was all Helene said. I' m simply overwhelmed by the calibre of this horse. If you are interested in the import of horse, I strongly suggest you to contact Helene, she will surely find your horse of choice. I' ve known Helene for over 10 years.

Together we drove, showed together, and now she has been helping me to find a horse of my dreams for my family. It was very open-minded, sincere and full in its descriptions of the horse purchased from us. I' d strongly suggest you and TopHorses. You always have a large choice and find new stallions all the time.

It'?s a great shopping trip. It had big successes as achievement fighter and Derbypferd. Recently I bought a horse from Helene. They planned everything from checking before the sale and before the plane trip to the plane itself, which can be a real bad dream if you've never done it before.

That horse I bought was exactly as she described it and more! Helene I strongly suggest, not only that she has a good sense for working with a horse, but also that she has a good sense of humour. You will do an exact work in describing your horse, thoroughly answers all your highlighted queries. You make the horse shopping a pleasure, so that you can safely and comfortably buy your horse.

Hello, my name is Emily and I bought a six year old Holstein filly by Helene von Spitzenpferden in July 2015. First I was afraid to buy a horse with an invisible film. However, to be frank, for the value of the horse I got from Helene, you can't say that you have to buy an older horse in the States that isn't so good or a younger horse that isn't coached.

I was able to get a young horse with top quality horse, with stunning blood lines and a beautiful foundation and a lovely character at the same price as I would have done for some older horse with trouble in the States. Your horse is by far stunning and I have been importing horse from Europe with other peoples or directly with the breeder and I wish in the end I would have simply purchased the horse from her.

The horse is surprising and actually better than described in the video and its descriptions. Everyone loved her and she's gonna be incredible. I' m so lucky that I decided for my horse of top class stallions because she is certainly a top class horse. She was so kind to me that I felt that every one of the questions I had to ask was not dumb or insignificant.

Can' t wait to buy more horse from her once I get the cash. When you want to buy a horse, you have come to the right place! Can' say enough about Helene Jones and Top Horse LLC. Now I have an astonishing horse with skills that exceed my expectation.

For me it was also important that my horse was "in my pocket" again, my hopes were exceeded. Never thought of bringing in a horse until I came across Top Horse LLC. Nothing could come near what I saw on their side and in their stakes, so I made a trust advance!

Meanwhile a problem with the driver brought my horse to Canada and Helene and her crew were there! Owning 3 top horse owners, I cannot say enough good things about the selection, review, purchase and equestrian processes of these beautiful animals. You came with your talents from Holland to the USA and have developed into stunning sportsmen.

Being an amateur saddle horse racer who did most of my practice alone, except shows and casual classes, I needed top performance young horse that was healthy and well. Relying on the expertise and relationships I have with Helene Jones to help me find 3 amazing Horses.

When I was a young horse I had the feeling that they had all gotten off to a good start. Honestly, I could not find these traits in young US equines at the price I was willing to pay. You were probably 1/2 of what a similar horse would cost in the USA, and that involved inspection, imports and everything.

Horse came with a full check-up and x-rays. With my shopping I was sure that I could easy yours and pay back my money if the horse was not suitable for me. It is my pleasure to ride, train and show everyone one of my top-riders. Win, fun and affection for these stunning creatures.

Helene, I write to tell you how lucky I am to have found such great mounts through TopHorse. About a year ago I was importing my two ponies and can't be more happy with them. It was the first case that I got involved with the concept of setting up an invisible horse site.

She was very supportive when we spoke about my aims and my horse that could meet my needs. Many of the stallions had x-rays and good veterinary examinations before the sale. Practically, I wanted to make sure the horse had a cleaner veterinarian' tally and was friendlier to amateurs, so if the horse didn't exactly suit me, it could be sold on.

Being an older non-professional I have the feeling that I am at a point in my live where I don't want to spend much of my spare moment bringing the horse to a competetive standard, I just want to go out to compete. Working with coaches, I also do a great deal on my own, so the horse had to be gifted and secure.

They had a good foundation and have some competitive experiences in Europe. Helene and her companion knew about the horse's spirit to recommend the best horse for my equestrian skills. They were both very good amateurs and quickly adapted to my training routines. It astonished me that I showed both of them within a few short months of the import.

Helene, I can't thank you enough for getting me the horse of my dream! It was only my second horse buy and my first videos buy. And I knew that the horse was gifted and of high value, but what would it really look like personally? Satisfied with the overall Top Horse riding performance.

Helene made the trial simple from beginning to end. I am very excited about my customer and I am too. I would definitely be running through Top Horse again in the nearer future. I definitely like my top horse. To use Helene for my first buy was the best choice I've ever made. The horse is sincere, accessible and, above all, she buys high-quality sports equipment.

And I would strongly suggest it if you are on the shelves. Recently I had the privilege of working with Helene when I was looking for a new horse for my niece. A new horse for my daughter. So we bought a Helene Frodo (Dutch warmblood) so my niece could move in with the juniors.

It is a high class horse, which she found in Europe and which made it much simpler for us to try it out here in Kansas. She and Debbie Morrison have worked very closely to help me bring this young horse and this saddle horse together. Many thanks for all your work and commitment to combine top class horse riding with aspiring youngsters!

It was an amorateur who was looking for a secure horse with a great temper and a good mind, and Helene provided just that. A horse that had already been educated and was at least 6 years old was on the horseback. However, when an almost 4 year old man came by, Helene reassured me that his temper was exactly what I was looking for and that he would be easily brought along if I were with my coach's team.

Everything went smoothly and simply with clear communications at every stage. Proud of the horse they sell, they handle their customers with the highest level of professional and amateurism. If you use Top Horse for your next imported and you will not be dissapointed.

I would like to say a big thank you to Helene Jones for having found us Caleto and Hasko. Those ponies are fantastic. Many thanks Helene for your unshakeable engagement, your patient and your sincerity! Helene and Top Horse LLC would like to suggest you to buy your next horse in the near term.

Over the years we have been importing many horse and working with Helene has been incredibly simple! To be able to buy a horse with nothing more than videos and images and not be able to go abroad to try it out means that you have to have faith in what you are telling you and we have exactly the horse she was telling us about!

Ranging from the sporting performance to the horse's personalities, it was exactly the right thing for us. She took the opportunity to keep in touch with us during the sales, imports, quarantine and after the arrival of the horse. After all, she takes care of the horse she is selling, and it was great that she subsequently got in touch with us to see how things were going.

Helene and Top Horse LLC don't end their relationships after your horse is sold, they just start! Can' thank Helene enough for help finding my horse of choice. Recently I bought Ivo B, a 4 year old Dutch warmblood and could not be happy with his qualities, character and shallow work for such a young horse anymore.

Didn't know the import of a horse could be that simple! She and her companion were listening to our needs and relentlessly looking for the right solution for my customer. It was my first international purchase of only pictures and video. Top Horses will be used again for our buys in the near term.

Couldn't have wished for a better way to buy my filly through Helene! She' everything Helene said she was going to be and more. While I was looking for something to get back in form on the 1. 30m, this filly will be much more than a training horse - she will be a 1. 40m Speedmaster!

Can' t give Top Horse enough advice to find your next one! Thinking back to the horse in my lifetime, my favourite and most important horse is Helene and a top horse. The import of a horse with Helene can only be described as simple and stress-free. All is so in advance and you can be sure that the horse you get will be everything you thought it would be or more.

And they have promoted my careers and given our college kids incredible experience. It was Belanca who was the first horse I ever import and saying that I was satisfied is an exaggeration. While I was worried about buying a horse from a videotape, Helene and my coach, Shanon Bejrano (Fairwin Farm, Sarasota, FL) worked together to find the horse that was right for me.

I am looking forward to the next big chance to work with Helene to bring in my next TopHorse. For the first year I went to Europe to look for six stallions for customers and myself. She and her co-workers were by far the best broker I ever worked with. I' d like to take a minute to thank Helene for my unicorn.

Buying a horse via the "Internet" is basically a high-risk undertaking. My Helene deal, however, turned out to be seamless, clear and of great value to me. They cannot surpass the horses' qualities and at these fares you can do nothing amiss. It was also very approachable when my horse came and assisted me with everything I asked of it.

With Helene you have a truly unforgettable horse shopping adventure.

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