Horse Prices uk

Prices for horses uk

Upgraded live price, the latest news and betting movers, as well as free daily and ante-post tips from our experts. We will pay you at the SP if it is higher than the price you have taken. To all UK & Irish Horse Racing. Make the most of your time with your horse - with practical riding and management advice from top riders, trainers, veterinarians and behaviorists. With a bar and free WiFi, The Grey Horse is located in Elvington.

Horseriding tests for badminton horses and horses 2009-09 | Ticket

Entrance and parking can be bought on all dates at the entrance (cash only). Entrance fee per person: Wednesdays 10.00, Thursdays and Fridays 18.00, Saturdays 32.00 and Sundays 16.00 - Parking £12.00 per each. NL Kids from 12 years and under free entry. The grandstand seats for the Sunday jumping are now fully booked, but the jumping can be watched on the large monitors on the show grounds.

In order to be able to watch the show jump ( "Sunday"), however, you must also buy adult and children's passes. These tribune places are usually sold out in prepay. All passengers require a car registration document and a private entrance card (see prices above). Most of the stands are not reserved for Thursday and Friday and use is free of charge.

Booking can be made in the West Grandstand near the near end of the Dressage Arena at A. Seats are available from 6.50 - 13.00 - depending on availabilty. Please see the card below for pricing information. The grandstand seats are fully booked for Sunday, May 6.

Jumping can be seen on large monitors around the show grounds. The Portcullis Club, which borders the main arena, offers a complete range of hospitality services.

Acquisition and use of a horse passport: Request a horse pass

When you own the horse or a related pet, you must obtain a pass before it turns 12-month. Submit your application through a Passsport Issuing Organisation (PIO). When you have a breeding stock, you must be registered through a breed book manager (PIO). The way you choose to purchase will depend on the PINK and the game.

Horse passes do not expire - they last a long animal's life. Please consult the issuing organisation (PIO) that granted the initial pass to obtain a copy. When you do not know which of the PIOs is involved, you can ask another one. If you have a family tree, consult a breed book manager (PIO).

When your horse has a pass from another EU member state and is a family tree, you can order a copy from an EU-PIO. The horse will not be used as feed if it die when it receives a copy or substitute pass. You are in violation of the act if you ask for a substitute or a double pass if the document is not missing.

Return the pass to the PIO who made it. When the PIO no longer exist or is not in the UK, please return it to a suitable PIO in the UK.

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