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Equine Products

It is our goal to offer you the best range of high-quality horse products and accessories at an affordable price. Horse hoof care and horsehair care products ensure that your horse feels good and looks good. Extend your horse's performance with a wide range of products for horse health. Browse our extensive catalogue and give your horse the best. Horse Products This is a great area to find horse products that will help you keep your horse beautiful, well trained, happy and comfortable.

Horsecare products

Together with the right horse management, there is a need for different kinds of horse accessories. You will find everything you need to clean a horse show ring, to stain the stable of your horse or to equip a horse trail. A good horse management begins with high grade horse management material.

The horse's horse's daily care keeps his horse's hide shining, his horse's hide shining and his hoofs intact. Maintenance is simple, effective and pleasant when the right equipment is at your fingertips. Here you will find all the must-haves from hoofpicking and massage of horse comb and horse brush to maned and cock-shampoos.

Stock your horse care package complete with de-angler and horse pack. In the Dover Library you will also find our horse care advice. In case a cut needs to be cleaned of unwanted scissors, at least a small pair of scissors or a croc.

An excellent set of bodyclippers and clips supplies will do the work. Here you will find the best climbers, trimmer, clipper oils and cleaners. Do you need advice on how to shear a horse? In the Dover library you will find our guideline on bodyclip, which contains images of conventional clips.

Equine additions such as arthroplasty, vitamin and mineral nutrients, digestion aid and electrolyte help you to satisfy the special medical needs of your horse. Horse hoof and horsehair grooming products ensure that your horse feels good and looks good. Irrigators, sunscreen and polish give your horse's fur a luxury shine. Caring for horses with love also means to reward your horse for the work.

Here you'll find fully authentic biscuits that look like biscuits, pelletized delicacies that slip into your bag and are enough to make you think they're from a cakeshop. Taste delicacies in all flavours, from bananas and lemon balm to mint, to discover your horse's favourite. Correct worm removal, which aims to prevent the build-up of parasitic disease immunity, is essential for your horse's wellbeing.

Avoid flying from your horse with insect repellent, insect repellent, insect repellent and insect repellent. Together these insect repellent products help your horse to relieve your insect's anxiety and uncomfort. Do not forget to install strategic flytraps in the surroundings of your horse! Prepare yourself to take good charge of your horse's injury with the right horse accessories and a well-assorted first Aid box.

You will also find a wide range of horse experiments, packs and horse icecream products to help you alleviate your horse's post-exertion ailments.

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