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Two times they ordered things for me that weren't in stock. Horse Cents is entitled to sell limited iodine products. Browse by map, postcode or state to find a licensed dealer near you! The first ride changed everything for me and my horse.

There' no more jerking with the back washers she'll use without washers once the properly mounted seat comes in.

There' no more jerking with the back washers she'll use without washers once the properly mounted seat comes in. Acquired this item to help adjust the seat to my TB wilted with shark fins. But the most surprising part is that it removed MY backache.

Dyneema thin line seat cushions are made of a shock-absorbing, breathing polyurethane that adapts to the horse's body, improves seat comfort and improves horse performance. You' ll see how you sew our products with our threadLine. The majority of cushions come with a bag to attach washers for a perfect seat fitting. The characteristics of the lather ensure a harmonious relationship between horse and horseman.

You and your horse will receive better service and better communications from our products. View this brief movie to see unparalleled crash resistance in a thin, light and long-lasting one. UltrathinLine products offer extraordinary advantages for horse and equestrian. Move nearer to your horse with as much shock resistance as a centimetre of felt or fleece.

Plate of ThinLine Schock absorbent breathing expanded plastic is sewed onto the basic part. As well as the best possible support for your horse, there is also a bag where you can place washers to adjust the seat. Advantages of ThinLine: Superb damping provides enhanced seating and driving capability with the final close-contact feeling while keeping the rider's back firm.

The Ultra thin line helps to keep the horse's back safe and promotes correct curvature and motion. Outlines with high withers to the back of the horse. 3-8/8? Felt with 3/16 in. thin line. Felt in black with black Ultra thin line. It is a high quality felt fabric that has been developed for convenience and safety. Westerns saddlepad liner black felt - Secure your showpad and make it more convenient for your horse.

Please click on this picture to get to the washers or see this underneath: product: When you need to make adaptations to the seat post fitting, order washers to raise the front or back of the seat. Bypass discs are also available for bridges that span calipers or swinging backs. It allows the horse to raise his back more comfortably so that he can create a better topline and the spacers can finally be taken off.

Was ist ThiLine? Dyneema thin line features a uniquely open-cell design that allows impact, mass and temperature to be moved sideways along the cushion without compression. This results in a 95% damping effect. Magics lie in the way things work: how thin line cushions shocks, but allows the horse to really sense the back of the horse. The movement is limited by the horseman and horse and horseman can work together in harmony.

Whether you are a novice or not, FEI Rider think line enhances your riding experience, your communications and your comforts. Copyright-protected open-cell harness makes even thin-line horse harnesses 100% breatheable so that neither hot nor humid conditions are enclosed. Also, an antimicrobial substance is incorporated into thin line seat belts and horseboots. By not compressing or slipping, thin line virtually eliminates compression points caused by motion in the seat or muscle work related challenge.

There is also more durability than any other products on the shelves. A lot of guys get more than a ten years out of a simple ThinLine Pad.

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