Horse Racing Boots

racing boots

Racing equipment in the shop and online with worldwide delivery. Racing equipment such as saddles, bridles, weights, whips, clothes, glasses and boots are available on our website for worldwide shipping. motorsports Racing horse gear such as calipers, fences, weights, lashes, clothes, glasses and boots are available on our website for shipping around the globe. More than 30 years of experience in horse riding, the main focus of our company is the supply of high class horse racing gear. Our range includes world-renowned names such as Zilco, Ornella Prosperi, Paul Carberry, Hows Racesafe, Champion, Charles Owen and Walsh.

Purchasers have an in-depth racing experience and are committed to testing the suitability and qualitiy of every single item we have in-store.

Exercise Boots Old Mill Race

Two dimensions are necessary for measuring equestrian boots: height - place barefoot on the floor and turn the thigh 90 degrees. Be aware that boots made of genuine leathers have a tendency to fall and expand, so it is advisable to buy them close together. What is your assessment of the overall qualitiy of this project?

My mother used to love them I purchased them for my mother, who finds it hard to get boots for her thin feet, these are great and she also says they are very comfy and wear them for all touring. It is nice and very good looking leathers. t's because it has new leathers inside the boots, so they only a small amount of natural leathers crème grated into the compound and it has been soft.

Old Mill Jockey Training Boots

Excise boots for Old Mill to ride out, ideal for chopping, training or for work. Simple to carry with a zipper on the back of the boots. Made of either dark grey or dark grey leathers. Available in 37 - 43 size in Europe, 2 leg size - narrow/medium or medium.

Measured in cm around the broadest part of the veal.

race boots

Manufactured from light microfibre leathers, they are preferred by race horse coaches who need outstanding, light weight support, but also by event riders who favour light boots. A perfect horse boots for protecting over sturdy spring fencing. While the horse is galloping, the wind flows through the front ventilation slots, circulating and exiting from the side ventilation slots.

Microfibre leathers are thicker than genuine leathers, stretch and form on the horse's legs and retain their pristine form. The benefit is that it is light, but offers more security, and the good thing is that it is fully machine-washable and has outstanding strength. Versatility front boots: An impact protector walks down the back of the boots and protects the important sinews and straps from impacts and overreach violations.

Rear versatility boots: At the front of the boots there is a shock protection, which protects the legs from impacts with fencing. They were great boots and the customers support was great. I like the PEI boots, those are the light, still completely enough for my girls on XC.

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