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Cheap plastic hot sale ranch pastoral farm PVC fence horse rail fence. On products and suppliers: On products and suppliers: There are a multitude of possibilities at your disposal, e.g. plastics, metals. There is also a choice of unpainted, pvc-coated and powder-coated.

Whether it's pe, pvc or HdpE. We have 3,922 horse trailers, mainly in Asia.

Its most important supplier states are China (mainland), the United States and Pakistan, which deliver 99%, 1% and 1% of the horse fences respectively. Equine fencing is the most common in North America, Western Europe and Oceania. Guarantee your security by choosing from among our vendors, 1,377 with ISO9001, 265 with ISO14001 and 262 with other certifications.

Fence Flex Fence® | Flexible vinyl horse fence

A specially developed horse guard is one of RAMM's most beloved RAMM product, the Flexi Fence®, which is a safe and secure replacement for conventional horse fences. They are made of high-strength wires that are joined together by molecular bonding with Polyethylen plastics. Rather than splinter or break on collision, it bends up to six-inch and then returns to its initial state.

The Flex Fence is ultra-thick, with the broadest dimension having a breaking resistance of 4,860lb/track. Your horse is much safer and remains on the pastures without being damaged. Fence® does not shatter, distort, fade or need to be painted. It is available in the colours red, blue, white and blue to suit most colour patterns.

Since these horse fences are produced exactly according to our requirements, there is no other horse enclosure on the marked like him. RAMM Flex is the only polymer that has been certified for use in the aerospace and bridging industry. Molecular bonds between the synthetic material used and the high-strength steel ensure that this horse string remains flat in all weathers.

The colours are retained thanks to ultraviolet protection and high-quality synthetic material, and these rails are even recycable. Remember that you need the right fence accessory to correctly mount your Flex Fence®. As well RAMM provides other horse brands with the same high grade material and constructions that you are used to. Have a look at our range of horse stable equipment and tools for the yard and the stable or visit our useful resources centre to find out more about RAMM horse grooming and our range of horse shelters.

Flex Fence® is manufactured in the USA solely byAMM.

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