Horse Ranch

horseman's ranch

The ranch is located near Jackson Hole, Wyoming and offers many possibilities for riding, fly fishing or simply relaxing. Riding on picturesque mountain trails, including lessons. Spotted Horse Ranch is located south of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and offers a variety of activities for people of all ages.

Wellcome to Wyoming's Best Dude Ranch!

The ranch is near Jackson Hole, Wyoming and offers many possibilities for horse back riding, flying or just to relax in a country similar to when the discoverer John Colter turned his attention to Yellowstone and the Teton in 1807. You will be catered for on every journey - horse back rides in the valleys, whitewater river-raping, fly-fishing in the rivers or river-raping.

And if you would rather stay near the ranch, you can enjoy relaxing by the stream. You can even go for some great walks nearby, so you can get some warmth before you start out! Now, just think, just chill, we'll take it from here. You can find a brief overview of our accommodation & activites here.

Have a look at our new virtual tour through the ranch!

SUNDAY 7 days to SUNDAY 10 June - 26 August

Chalets, meal, horse back rides, cooking lessons, rodeos, go fly fish on the ranch, nature or white water excursions and all ranch activity are including. Order your booking now! Ranch accommodation is expanded to a finite number of definitive reservations. Therefore, it is understood that in case of cancelation, the 35% down payment will not be reimbursed, unless the reserved seat can be booked out, less a 25% cancelation surcharge.

Cancellations made within 90 working nights of your stay will not be refunded. $45. per ride - per car. Excursions to Jackson - $35 per drive - per car.


We' re the place to go horsebackbiking, if you enjoy the nature and the horse. You and your horse will become a friend on the wonderful mountains. Before the trip, our expert instructors will give you directions so that you can practise in the arena before the trip.

We have well-educated and philanthropic ponies, some are lifesavers who needed a home and others were bred here. It is our quest to divide our passion for the horse with all those who do not have this possibility. Drive with us and forget the stresses of daily use.

It is obligatory for all kids to carry equestrian helms, which we make available. Grown-ups over 18 years of age can waive wearing a hat by filling out a disclaimer sheet. The majority of 6 year olds are able to train their own horse if they can comply with the instructions and demonstrate their capacity to check their horse before they start out.

Most of our children's ponies are very skilled and make most of the kids think like cows.

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