Horse Rental near me

Hire horses near me

There are also stables nearby where you can ride a horse for the first time. Lay the blanket closest to the horse's skin and the thicker cushion on top. There are summer camps for scouts who can ride on our trails or pony rides.

Hire of our ponies

For horse hire for a tour, click here for Dude Ranch details and prices. Skilled riders: Take your own horse to our official trail for an unforgettable adventure! Be a cowboys and savour equestrian, home-made meals and country-style accommodation.

Are you interested in horse-riding?

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Sarah's Pony Rentals provides horseback riding for beginners and experienced hikers. All year round we are offering horseback-riding. All of us have different races of horse and pony. Horseback riding in public: Everybody enjoys riding in the open. Haven't you ever been on a horse? All of our stallions are very well educated and used to beginners.

We' ll all begin in an arenas and give you a brief lecture on how to check the horse you have been allotted. As soon as everyone in the group is happy, we will set the group on its way. One of our professionals will lead all of our horsebacks.

Groups of more than 6 persons have a leader at the front and a leader at the back. Public transport prices: The Public Series: Public Series: The Public Ride Times: What about a personal outing? Personal trails: If you are an experienced rider, a happy little girl, a happy little girl or a romantic couples who just want to go out on their own.

Please let us know if you are interested in a personal hike when making an arrangement. Rates for one-way trips; $50.00 per lesson per passenger including $5.00 licence fees. Climbing trailer riding party: There is a trailer riding event suitable for all age groups from children to grown up. One of our rooms can be rented for your parties.

Dine, cake, play and let your guests go for a horsebackriding. The cost of this event is $150.00 to hire the large room or $75.00 to hire the smaller room for 2 lessons and every driver over 10 years old costs $30.00.

Up to 15 drivers can be accommodated in each group. It is obligatory for all horsemen to hold a Cook County Horseman's Licence (except for horsemen who ride a bangs or a horseman sponsored by the Horseman's Guides, which can be bought in our stables for $5.00). Helmet are needed and provided for all drivers under 18 years.

A $10.00 non-refundable down payment per driver is required at the moment of reservation. There is no need to hire other horsemen in your timeframe, we will have the necessary personnel here to prepare your horseback riding, all your riding stables and outings.

We have a great deal of riding preparations, so we ask for your patience.

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