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We are always looking for a home for our horses, ponies and donkeys. The Lovely Horse Rescue is often confronted with more horses in need than we have space and resources. Saving and rehabilitation of abused, neglected and abandoned horses, ponies and donkeys in Spain. Check out the wonderful horses currently living at Blaze's Tribute Equine Rescue our homepage where you can read our mission statement and watch our video. A non-profit organization with monthly horse clinics, volunteer and adoption opportunities.

Rescue of needy ponies throughout the UK

Every year our sales representatives help several hundred horse. We can help most of them by working with their owners, giving them help and guidance so that they can take optimal good care each time. Unfortunately, this is not always possible and sometimes we have to take the horse into our custody, either when the horse has agreed to give it to us or, in the most serious cases, by working with other authorities to prosecute.

Approximately 190 dressage and rehabilitation centres receive an annual total of 190 horse visits, most of which have been saved. There are unbelievable variations in the state in which these animals are arriving. Rescue of a horse can be relatively easy or very complicated, according to the circumstances. Once an owners is willing to transfer the property to us and the horse is well treated and capable of travelling, it is quite easy to get him out of the present state of affairs and into our custody.

It becomes more complicated if the horse is too sick or ferocious to go far, or if the horse is not cooperative. Here, the expertise and expertise of our field staff is so important because they know how to best address each of these issues.

Redwing Horse Sanctuary and Equine Veterinary Centre

Rehabilitating a Redwings horse is unbelievably worthwhile. You will not only do something astonishing by giving a saved horse or bangs a caring home, but you will also make room in the sanctuary so that we can help more ponies in need. We' re here to tell you some of our Guardian track records.

Puck's adventure has not ceased since he joined Guardian Victoria's team in 2015! Redwings' rehabilitation programme is being expanded to provide more equestrians with a caring home outside the sanctuary. What's with a Redwings rescue horse? Are you interested in rehabilitating a Redwings horse or bangs?

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