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We are an online retailer of quality products because we believe that you and your horse really deserve the best. You can always come into shop of our Retail Store Hours & Directions to pick up your products and feed. A charming retail store, Hug-A-Horse Thrift Store is equipped to the brim with wonderful, gently used articles.

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Standlee Premier Westernorage® Lexington Retail Store greets horse lovers who want to come and buy for their feed and beds! Standlee in Lexington has been proud to service the needs of locals, retail associates and horse lovers in the centre of Kentucky for over 5 years. From Idaho we provide the know-how and high quality feed (hay) directly.

It is available in various formats: around the Kentucky Horse Park, Red Mile and Keeneland and many more. Standlee Kentucky Retail Store is planning several reviews during the year. Purchase 10 Get 1 Free on 3 strings bale at Lexington Retail only.

Work in one of our shops, lounges or in one of our PetsHotels gives you the chance to do what you do best - show your passion for your pet every working night.

Work in one of our shops, lounges or in one of our PetsHotels gives you the chance to do what you do best - show your passion for your animals every working night. Being a member of our retail network, you will develop a rewarding careers you will be very proud of, as well as develop ties and relations with animal owners you will value for a lifetime.

Find out more about our retail options here. MORE ABOUT OUR SHOPS: The store managers run the stores through this eye and are passionately interested in providing a truly original, customer-focused shopping experience. Ranging from the recruitment and education of skilled employees to the implementation of strategical merchandizing campaigns, you are setting the benchmark for our stores' commercial performance.

It' not an inconvenient task, but every single working days you will be proud to make a true distinction for your staff, our domestic animal families and our domestic cages. OUR TEAMS: In a business as big as ours, we need all our hand (and feet, wing and fins!) on board so we can work well.

You will guide an Assistant Manager, Service Manager and Head of Department to succeed in the following areas: As well as support for shop activities, they also run a dedicated staff of dedicated professionals from Animal Health Associates to provide a safer and cleaner home for all the animals in our shelter. Inventorisation & Merchandising: Our merchandise and stock keeping crews have an important roles to help our domestic animal families find exactly what they need, just when they need it.

Focusing on learning and developing, our Associate Lead makes sure our team receives the kind of learning they need to counsel the parent of pets, conduct pets security controls and assist the store manager with corporate ventures. There is more to our stores than just merchandising - it is the service we provide that is a rapidly expanding part of our work.

Though our Grooming Salon and Pets Hotel have their own managers, they are operating successfully in conjunction with the Retailer. General retail initiatives: She and her team will also advance our retail goals, carry out our merchandise strategy and benchmark the retail industry.

YOUR CAREER: Just as we are there for your pet at every phase of your life, we are there for you at every phase of your careers. It is the pleasure of bringing Frankie back together with her whole household after a funny time at our hotel with her. It' s the little things we do that make up really big things that domestic animals need.

Join us now to enjoy a rewarding and rewarding work. Please send your resume to our Store Management Group!

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