Horse Retirement

retirement of a horse

Nonprofit Horses Retirement Serves Retired Horses in the Eastern United States. Her horse has earned his place with us. Combining our experience to specialize in a horse pension business like no other. Situated in the heart of horse country, Clover Hill Farm offers a haven for your horse's retirement. The Texas Horse Retirement Farm offers affordable full care and full service boarding for retired horses.

Retirement of your horse lover

Which possibilities do you have to send your horse into retirement? Many" old" fighters still have a great deal of vitality and benefit in them, especially when they come from disciplines that are ruled by dreams of the future or youngsters. Often these ponies can start a new horse-job. Selling him. Perhaps if your horse can still work, you can perhaps resell it to a horseback riding instructor who must go to training with an expert mover.

Oral propaganda, advertisements and tips sent to the shed, your pet shop or your neighbourhood's young people's organisations can get you a purchaser. An equestrian centre may be another market, but it may not be good for your horse in the long run. First, your horse will probably be exposed to the different types of rider's abilities - or rather the shortage of them.

Robin Lohnes, CEO of the African Horse Protection Association and life-long Arab horse owners and competitors, says: "Many horse campers are bringing in a number of horse for the summer and selling them on the open in November because they don't want to pay the bill in the off-season. A similar problem can arise with the horse that is being marketed to equestrian school.

It will be an obligation for the equestrian centre to provide horse training for them. They would probably be offered to the highest bidder, which would probably be a bad horse for the butcher' s work. However, an auction that offers a different market for the sale of a horse can ultimately be the equivalence to your horse's condemnation cell if the sales value is within the realm of the abattoir representative who buys cheaper animals for their value as meats.

Lohnes: "You could make a minimal offer and still resell it at a discounted rate so that the slaughterer does not so. "If you are going to butcher your horse, it would be a more humanitarian way to take your own horse to the abattoir, where the horse will not have to face the potential inconvenience and danger of a long, congested trailership.

Otherwise, if something were to happen to the new owners, you would have no evidence of your consent to offering anything to the family. It may be a better way to sell than if you are determined to keep your horse under your vigilant eyes and have a good home for the remainder of his time.

Plus, it gives another person the chance to see what you have done on this horse, and can introduce another new arrival into the herd. In some cases, a horse that is reasonably fit and fit can be used in a horse therapy programme. For many pensioners, it is too old or they have health or medicinal conditions that stop them from doing anything other than being on the pastures or in the stables and processing food and vet invoices for the family.

There is no point in having your horse on board where your pension fees include facilities that it no longer uses - things like hall and outside spaces, tracks, cross-country tracks, etc.. You should, however, be prepared to pay separately if your horse needs treatment. Nursing shelters. In some houses only a certain race of horse is accepted, in others every horse is accepted.

The Ryerss Ranch for Aging Horse (the oldest non-profit nursing home in the land, established in 1888) is open to all breeds of horse. Ryerss Chairman Joseph Donahue: "Horses must be 18 years or older, free of infectious disease, have a recent Coggin test and have their boots taken off. "We' ve got an approximate of 75 ponies on the ranch and a two to three year wait list," says Donahue.

It is worth examining a few years before retirement because of the waitinglist. "They can put your horse on Ryerss' waitin' lists at any age," says Donahue. Donahue says that sometimes you may be referred by pet-friendly veterinary offices and pet centres to someone who accepts older cattle.

Free-To-God Home, Company Horse. In the best of conditions, it is a good choice to accompany another older horse or a young horse. But, in fact, there are few places that are looking for such a horse. Advertisement for your horse as a "free to good home, accompanying horse", however, is highly dangerous.

" We would never suggest promoting a free horse. "Zooscientific faculties at large schools and academies are definitely something to look at," says Lohnes, adding that many do research into the feeding or other needs of older animals. Are they selling them for butchering? I wouldn't be afraid to have my horse taken off by a vet.

I would much rather know that I held and stroked my horse there when he was euthanized than have to spend the remainder of my live worrying about where my horse is. "I hope that tough decisions will not fit the image of the pensioner. Even though injury, illness and changes in the economy can lead to a sudden crises in dealing with an older or non-marketable horse, the processes that make one horse less useful are more progressive for others.

Those who own them should not be unknowingly discovered that they have an old or unfit horse that they cannot keep. Apply early for a retirement home. When you have a few ponies in your back yard and plan to move to the city next year, don't hesitate to move.

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