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The Horse Country, Inc. is an organization of horse farms, clinics and attractions dedicated to sharing stories from Kentucky's Horse Country. Photographs: Baby horse in perfect condition in Siberia' s pearmafrost

In the interior of Batagaika in Yakutia, researchers made a noteworthy discovery: the melting frost of the lake showed a perfect preservation of a coltumie. This two months old filly even had perfect conditioned scalp. According to Semyon Grigoryev, director of the Yakutia Mammoth Musuem, the young horse was a Lenskaya or Lena horse that used to live in the area 30,000 to 40,000 years ago.

Investigators took detailled information about the filly from the molten Yakutia promafrost. Scholars took some of the foals and fluids and covered the ground with organic liquid specimens. They have a hypothesis about what happend to the horse. Grigori Savvinov, the deputy director of the Northeast Federal University, says the specialists participating in the mission assumed that the colt had fallen into a normal trapping and sunk.

It was found that the approximately two-month-old filly passed away between 30,000 and 40,000 years ago. Batagaika Craters, in Yakutia, Russia, have provided a rare example of the ancient world. In the Batagai Repression, an overseas Russian-Japanese crew worked for a whole weekend in August.

This filly was found two day after the voyage. The artist presents his versions of Lenskaya or Lena Horse in Batagai Craters. The research staff carefully examines and takes specimens of the minute horse cadaver. There were specimens taken from the foal's hoof. All the parts of the horse were still there, even the ear.

With specialised instruments, the scientists collected specimens from the horse. After all these years, even the hair in the horse's nose holes has been preserved. They took a sample of the little horse. At the moment these foals, the cousin of the late colt, are at home in Yakutia. They have a hairy coat that protects them from the chill.

Lena was probably similar. Here is another look at contemporary Yakutia equestrian life.

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