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Horse-drawn sleighs in NYC move to Central Park. New York City's famous horse-drawn cart tours may find a new home. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio on Thursday announces a schedule to move the coach entrance area from the south tip of Central Parks to certain areas within the 843-acre area. This ruling brings the municipality one stage nearer to a long-standing dispute over animal welfare.

This move means that the pets will be spending less and less in addition to the city's infamous transport "in order to reduce the damage to the pets", says Polly Trottenberg, the city's transport commissioner. De Blasio, a Democrat, ran for election as a candidate for the Lord Major in 2013, who promised that he would stop the horse-drawn coach ride immediately.

"We' re finishing up the horse-drawn carriage in New York City," de Blasio said. "There is no more room for horse-drawn coaches in New York City. Big towns around the globe have ended this because it's horrible, because it's inhuman and horse doesn't fit in the heart of the most busy town in the world," he explained.

But his plans were rejected by the town council in 2016, a move supported by trade unionists, pedal cab riders and wildlife activists. Ever since the failure of the law, the town' s civil servants have concentrated on making the pedestrian, cyclist and horse industries safe. This postponement is expected to take effect in the autumn of this year, after the Ministry of Transport has held a general consultation scheduled for October.

Futurist'Moving Tribune' for New Mexico racecourse suggested

To get horse race enthusiasts right into the thick of it, a Las Vegas manager wants to construct a race circuit with a tribune that moves around the circuit next to the horse. Of course, traditional stands offer a good overview of the race at the starting and finishing lines.

However, viewers usually have to look at videos when the horse is far away or on the home stretch. It would keep up with the typical 40 mile per hours that Lee says the mobile stand is running. The illustration of the movable stand shows a simple, glazed, tram-like car that, according to Lee, would hold around 200 people.

Electrically driven stands were located along the railways along the outside of the 1.5 km long road. In 1934, Lee said that the mobile platform was inspired by a specific platoon that was used for a row on the Hudson at the Hudson near Poughkeepsie, New York. Trains ran on railway lines along the riverbank, and the viewers on board the side-facing seat could follow what was happening on the waters at first hand.

It would be part of "La Posada del Llano", an extensive $200 million golf course suggested for Clovis, New Mexico, near the Texas frontier. This is one of several proposals now under consideration by the New Mexico Racing Commission, the Associated Press said.

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