Horse Riding

equestrian riding

Riding: A riding holiday in Brittany is to enjoy the postcard landscape from above. The Icelandic horse is a breed known for its reliability, intelligence, small stature and friendly character. Horseback riding on a native Estonian horse, the Klepper, and enjoy a riding holiday on sandy forest paths, dunes and coastal areas in Estonia. Horses and rides. The fenceless country of horses in Bulgaria.

Riding Surrey - Hacking | Lessons

Every Sunday in winter we chase with the Kent & Surrey Bloodhounds around Surrey and West Sussex. In winter we rent the gallop to give you an adrenalin boost that you will not soon be forgotten. If you are an expert rider, we can arrange daily tours to Elstead, Shere, Frensham, Leith Hill and more.....

We' re participating in a series of sponsorship trips to collect donations for charities and sojourn.

Equestrian Equipment | Decathlon

Riding means taking good charge of your horse when he is working and relaxing. However, in addition to all the different equestrian related accessoires, you also need to look after your own outfit. First riding gear you ever wore! The Decathlon is packed with sportswear tips, such as how to select your breeches.

Decathlon's competence is not only available in equestrian outfits. It is one of the best ways to improve your riding in your favorite sport. If you are fully equipped, you can pay all your full attentions to your horse.

horseback riding

They can get a whole new view of Brittany from above on a horse. Harness an hours, a days, a weekend or a whole weeks and go into the setting sun at your own speed. The Equibreizh programme offers around 2600 km of hiking paths if you want to discover Brittany on horse back.

There is a local net of bridle tracks and tracks, all of which are good for riding, and you can select your own route. Straightforward and easy signs mean you can't get bogged down - you can just lean back in the seat and unwind!

Riding on the Isle of Wight

If you want to have your own horse or a horseback riding tour, the Isle of Wight has it all. Isle of Wight is a great place for beginners to get to know a bit about the horse. There is even a specialised horse center that uses the horse to teach and teach people how to live.

Do you know the Isle of Wight has its own Grand National? The Grand National Scurry takes place every year in March at West Ashey Farm near Ryde.

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