Horse Riding Articles

Riding articles

Academic articles summarizing research results on horse riding. " Credit: H&R file photo "Will he match my riding targets?" is one. The article was originally published under the title "The Art of Horseback Riding".

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Riding articles

What is the maximum load a horse can bear? Scientists have pinpointed a barrier when a horseman is too weighty for a horse to use. Is it too much for your horse? The care for the well-being and efficiency of the horse has prompted some to ask themselves whether the horseman demand too much from the horse.

The folklore says that horsemen strongly influence the vaulting techniques of their horse. Astonishingly, the results of a trial in which equine measurements of verticals indicate that this faith is false. More than 2500 equestrians were surveyed to determine the most common strategy for the education of youngsters.

Posing or Trot รข Which is better? Horsemen generally believe that the post is better than trot riding, as it puts less stress on the back of the horse. Making a few easy changes to the off-road tracks reduces the danger of injury to the horse and rider during the event. Is there weed spreading on paths?

The responsibility has been attributed to the fact that they have scattered undesirable tares across the countryside while travelling on foot. Investigators at Michigan State University have now been measuring how much a bit actually affects a horse choking of spittle. What is the amount of training the top horse racers do before a show?

Climbing on a horse from a lifted rig instead of from the floor brings significantly less power to the horse, as research has proven. If you compare in detail how different pieces of data are placed in a horse's jaws, you will see that Myler pieces act very differently from other pieces of data. In spite of many movements of the seat trunk, experienced trainers keep a surprising even gap between their hand and the teeth of their horse.

Following the examination of ankle wounds in young horses, physicians advocate that young horses should be wearing sturdy shoes and use safe dumbbells when riding.

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