Horse Riding Blanket

Riding blanket for horses

Ultimate reflective quarter plate for driving in cold, wet weather. Horse and rider comfort is the key to winter riding. Quilted Equine Horse Professionnel Anglais. You can order the size of the winter blanket that your horse normally does not wear in the length of his back. The fleece blanket weighs your horse so that it does not freeze when riding.

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This is the ultimative reflecting plate for driving in colder, wetter weathers. Horse and horseback riding is the main stay of the family. It will make your horse feel good and make your horse smile. The training blanket of your choise for savoury skiers. Featuring a reflecting ruffle trim, this blanket will make you stand out in all circumstances.

Velcro closure is easily adjustable and adjusts around the back and nut to keep out windy and damp conditions. DuPont's water-repellent Teflon shell prevents the occurrence of a damp blanket. Don't let a chilly wintry holiday spoil your trip. It is the right blanket for your horse all year round.

Made of 420D with DuPont water-repellent Teflon coated polypropylene and padded cuffs. Washing machines in cool waters. These carpets keep my horse hot during our Maine wintersessions. That'?s THE quarterly. A perfect match for my bred broodmare, who usually has a 87" blanket. Outside ply of Nylons keeps the ice off when I enter the stadium with my horse.

Non-woven is beautiful, smooth and thick. It is of excellent qualitiy and remains without the helix. I' ve given it 5-star because it works well for me and my horse, but it makes a little sound that could disturb a more volatile horse. I' ve wanted a watertight carpet from Ashley R. for a long while - especially after a long, cool start in early summer and a crash in the heavy stream.

Whilst my filly was a bit jumpy because of the "noise" the rugs make (especially in the wind), this carpet is a very high class one. It is well made, well trimmed for my British seat and remains above my seat, but under my leather or under the seatbacks.

As with every crotch plate I've used, it glides back and spaces more over my leg when it's outside, but the cock was variable (unlike my crotch plate of another brand) and the hook and loop fastener is stable and can't be loosened. My filly keeps comfortable and hot on hoe - I don't ask for anything less when the horse is flying.

These carpets are ideal for overwinter. I' ve been looking for something a little warm er than a normal non-woven cloth when it's very cool and heavy so it won't blow up on a trailer run when there's a blow. But I also like how it comes in different size, I could at last find a fourth leaf long enough for my horse!

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