Horse Riding Body Protector

Equestrian Riding Body Protector

Engineered to absorb shocks from a horse's fall or kick, body protectors are mandatory for some competitions. We have a large selection of the best equestrian body protectors for online sale in Ireland. Have a look at our Racesafe back protectors for adults and children.

Rider body protection from Rideaway

A significant component of the security gear for the horse sport is a body protection, which helps to avoid injuries in case of a crash or acciden. The Rideaway Body Protector is an inestimable part of riding gear and is engineered to be supporting, comfy, dependable and durable. If you are looking for a higher level of back protection or just want to protect your baby on horse back, there is a body protection that meets your needs.

The Rideaway pole size is especially conceived for kids, teenagers, men and ladies to fit your new body protection in the best possible way. There can be an accident at any moment during your journey, so you are safe with labels such as Airowear and Racesafe. We have a large selection of makes and different fit to make sure you find the right body protection for you to keep your back, your fins and your inner parts safe from damage if you should suffer a crash.

Riding waistcoats store

It is important to find a riding jacket that protects you when you gallop off-road, jump or in any other riding situation where you need additional cover. Featuring a large range of protection and waistcoats from top manufacturers such as Charles Owen, Tipperary, Hit-Air, Point Two and more, we offer the best styling, power and convenience in a versatile life jackete.

When you are not sure how to adjust and size a riding jacket, our size guides will help you.

The Choice of a Body Protector - Our Guideline

Body protection was developed to cushion the shock that occurs when a horse falls, kicks or gets up. These days, many drivers are feeling safer in daily use. There is no protection against serious injuries, but it can help decrease the seriousness of an accident.

Eventing studies have shown that the use of BETA Level 3 shoulders protection can decrease the chance of fracture by up to 80%. Shell - The mousse is usually lined with cloth. Inside materials - Most protections have 2 steps of PVC nitrile rubber mousse, which are thermally susceptible and the layer becomes softer and adapts to the rider's body.

Inspect the protector for dimples after a crash, the froth expands back to its initial height 30 min after the crash. Attachments - These can be zippers, buckles, clips or velcros, according to the body protection used. Designed for security, the 2009 Equestrian Trade Association 2009 Body Protector Standard is highly regarded by all major equestrian organizations and sports when a body protector is needed.

It is recommended to change the body protector every 3-5 years, according to the application, as the collision affects the absorptive characteristics of the mousse. In the course of the years the body protective measures have been modified and the degree of security increased. Clothing to the 2000 standart is still on the shelves, but as with all protective clothing for the best possible fit, the latest industry standres.

Prior to this date, valid defaults are no longer valid. In order to bear the BETA symbol, the body guards must comply with the EN13158 norm and bear a CE symbol on the labe. Supplies the specifications for rider body guards and adjusts the necessary cushioning for each outfit. It determines the area of the structure to be protected and provides a minimum gap between the sheets of expanded plastic and guarantees the safety of the fasteners.

CE Kitemark is a compulsory statement that the products complies with the European Personal Protective Equipment Directive. It has 3 different security settings for different types of activity. Protective clothing with lower shock resistance. As of October 1, 2018, the use of Body Protector 1 is no longer permitted in motorsport.

Guardrails that offer a lower degree of security than usual. In motorsport, this degree of body armor is permitted, as it provides 50% more resistance to straight shocks than the first. That does not include: riding on the street, jumping, riding on young or exciting horse or riding without experience.

Bodyprotectors that offer regular armour for riding, competition and work with the horse. Now the Pony Club demands all cross -country competitors to carry a Body Protector step 3, while for other sports it is not mandatory to have one. A proper fit of body armour is vital to make sure that the item of clothing can do its work properly when needed.

We recommend having the protector assembled by a serious specialist dealer with skilled personnel. Protector is Racesafe's latest body protector developed for drivers of all levels to give them the liberty to do their best. Body protection is BS EN13158:2009 (Level 3) approved.

It' ultra light, the easiest body protector Racesafe has ever made. Zero provides dual air circulation and the resulting warmth is dissipated through the mesh's permeable protective and breathing surface. Featuring a simple, self-adjusting system that enhances your wearing experience and includes independent folding parts for optimal wearing style, the Body Protector provides the best possible fitting for each one.

The USG Eco-Flexi Body Protector is a great all-round body protection that is versatile and comfy. USG Eco-Flexi Body Protector features a bloc pattern of shock-absorbing plastic foams that adapt to the body and do not limit the rider's movements. Racesafe RS2010 Body Protector is a high quality body protector specially developed to satisfy the needs of the most discerning rider.

Body protectors are light and breatheable and offer a pleasant and unrestricted fitting while adapting to the individual body form. RS2010 provides the highest level of safety and BETA safety in Europe with uncompromised convenience and versatility. One of the most convenient devices on the ride-on is the Body Protector, which features separately folding parts that allow the atmosphere to flow through and through.

Outlyne Protector features cutting-edge technologies that adapt to the body contour for the ultimate in riding comforts. The UltraFlex? fabric is much faster at capturing body warmth than conventional fabrics and therefore requires much less body softening and shaping in order to keep the body warm. Outlyne Body Protector consists of several coats of shock-absorbing material and air flow technologies that cushion and distribute the shock in the case of a crash or foot.

The airbag system provides more hold for the cervical and torso collars when deployed, thus minimizing the danger of over-bending the spine. It provides additional protection for the fins, tailbone, vital parts and even protects against crush injury in a rotation-impact.

It is recommended to use the ProAir in combination with a traditional body protector for maximum safety. If you need more information or assistance in selecting body armour, do not hesistate to travel to our Superstoreor, call our Customer Service on 01706 507 555 for competent counsel.

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