Horse Riding Boots with Laces

Riding boots with lacing

After a few years my original Ariat Paddock boot laces finally bit the dust. In order to replace the elastic laces in my current high boots. Bal-Lacing" is this method for riding boots (motorcycle or rider) whose sides are connected at the top and detach near the ankle.

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Bal-Lacing " is this technique for riding boots (motorcycle or rider) whose sides are connected at the top and detach near the ankles. They are zigzag shaped on both sides and are bound in the centre. - Start with a long brace on the inside (grey area) and out through the eyes at the bottom right and at the top right.

  • The lower (blue) end zigzag up towards the center, while the upper (yellow) end zigzag down towards the center, with each end going inside and outside diagonal. - The ends are bound in the center near the thigh. It is not really intended for regular footwear, boots or trainers, but can be used for an uncommon look.

It is specially designed for riding boots (as shown in the first photo) where the pulled and detached part is in the centre of the boots (near the ankle). That means that they tie from above as well as from below and attach in the center. These boots come together and hide all the angular laces underneath.

Available lengths:27"36"36"36"36"40"45"54"54" NOTE: These are estimated bootlace length for use with a medium size snorkel. Use the lace length calculator for more precise length. More laces than the Criss Cross cording.

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