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Riding Camp

Girls' summer camp in North Carolina. Go with a dog, pet a bunny or ride a horse - Greystone has many furry friends! When puppies melt your heart, you won't want to miss Dog Camp! There are hundreds of hectares of bridle paths, as well as indoor and outdoor riding arenas, providing an incredible backdrop for our riding program. The Horseback Riding Camp is a unique partnership between Future Stars Summer Camps and Stratford Stables.

Horse Riding Activities | Girls Summer Horse Camps

Rockbrook's riding programme is a combination of skilled personnel, skilled riders and outstanding equipment to provide an environment where youngsters can improve their riding techniques, improve their riding ability and have fun riding with family. Within the scope of our accommodation programme we offer you a horse from an expert A-Circuit show horse to an expert newcomer.

Our ponies are involved in riding programmes throughout the year, either in the St. Andrews Presbyterian College horse programme or in working with the Free Rein horse riding programme. All of our personnel are qualified and skilled to instruct a broad spectrum of equestrians. Juvenile novices are playing riding matches and learning all about their favourite horse, while others can practice trotting, cantering or jumping.

Rockbrook riding complexes comprise a state-of-the-art stable, open air ring and jumping course, 30 horse boxes, 40 acre of grazing land and a 90'x180? indoor riding hall, equipped with lighting and technical sand/fibre foundation. At the end of each meeting we have a funny play in the stable for all who have taken part in our riding progam.

Besides riding classes, young women can also join the stables and acquire further knowledge in horse-keeping. This is a brief clip of Rockbrook's riding programme. Have a look at our stallions and get to know them in real time! She is a National Riding Commission (ANRC) judged horsewoman and has many years of riding training and riding instruction experiences in horse riding school.

Rockbrook riding camp is built on the US system of forward riding used by many top hunters, eventers and youngsters. By choosing riding as an activities in the camp, the camp leader takes their skills, self-esteem and height into account when allocating suitable riding horses, riding groups and coaches.

Overall Rockbrook's back programme is all about security, enjoyment and development. More about our riding and riding programmes.

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