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Riding Canada

It is Unicorn riding holidays in different areas of Canada. Riding in Canada is possible in all areas of the country, from alpine trails in the Rockies to gallops through maple forests in the east. Horse Riding Holidays Canada Horse Riding Vacation North America Horse Riding Tours

Few places in the whole wide globe can provide the adventurer with as many opportunities as Canada. Horses are plentiful in Canada. If you want to enjoy a peaceful, beautiful horseback riding in nature or a working farm, the riding vacation in Canada is a real challenge.

West Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan) is known for its breathtakingly scenic scenery - the vast mountains of BC give way to unimaginably craggy coastal lines, protected islands. Home to Spruce Meadows, an international show jumping resort that attracts Olympian riders several days a year, Alberta also hosts the world-famous Calgary Stampede, which focuses on westernriding every July.

Northern Canada (Yukon) is the best place to observe animals; and everywhere you will be amazed at how much more there is in this land than just cornucopia and mountains! Riding, walking, canoeing, kayak or enjoying the extraordinary food, Canada has it all.

Featuring various accommodations in marquees, luxurious huts, llodges and runs, and all with tasty boiled food, Canada has exciting places to visit from where nature can be explored. Of the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia, the great Saskatchewanplains of the prairie, the wilderness of the Yukon, Canada is offering riding holidays for everyone.

Bottom is a listing of our tours in this area with videos. to watch a movie,');center = new GLatLng(51. 1844, -115. 582);addMarker(center,' snow-capped summits, glittering icebergs and wide views are the attraction of Banff National Park. Go out into the wild and type');center = new GLatLng(51. 1844, -115. 582);addMarker(center,'');center = new GLatLng(51. 1844, -115. 582);addMarker(center, , , , ugged Mountain Scenery and a Flood of Wildfol.

and, when the sundown, you are just a ' );center = new GLatLng(51. 1769, -115. 571);addMarker(center,' A real Westerns adventure in breathtaking Banff National Park. Riding can really give you a better understanding of Mother Earth than on the evening before');center = new GLatLng(50. 2952, -119. 372);addMarker(center,' Come ride with us into the beautiful Canadian wilderness on the amazing Icelandic horse! 372.

Visiting the lovely British Columbia, remain in a comfortable logbook');center = new GLatLng (49. 6395, -115. 976);addMarker(center,'');center = new GLatLng(50. 419489, -114. 243638);addMarker(center,' Come ride with Trail Rules of the Canadian Rockies (T.R.C.R. For an out-door experience that our existing drivers call "the best holiday');center = new GLatLng(51. 6239, -124. 145);addMarker(center,' The secluded wildlife camp and basis for this journey is at the northern end of Chilko Lake, British Columbia, the gate to Tsyl-os Park.

That is );center = new GLatLng(51. 6335, -124. 135);addMarker(center,' A very particular Packtrip and wild riding in the nice Tsylos Provincial Parc of British Columbia, Canada. Situated in a very austere location between ' );center = new GLatLng(50. 8354904901, -114. 506272971);addMarker(center,' The Kananaskis Continental Divide Return is for enthusiastic drivers who are up to the challenges of mastering between 170 and 200 km of rough mountain scenery ');center = new GLatLng(50.

9482, -114. 566 );addMarker(center,' A short 3- to 7-day excursion into the stunning Kananaskis Mountains wildlife - at the foot of Canadian Rocky');center = new GLatLng(51. 6335, -124. 135);addMarker(center, ' Pack Trip: This is a very unique riding experience in Tsylos Provincial Parc, British Columbia. It is subject of the strictest en Umweltschutzbestimmungen, was ihn zu einem');center = new GLatLng(50. 9482, -114. 566);addMarker(center,, A short 7-day wildness gestaway into the breathtaking mountain of the Kananaskis rank - in the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountain ');center = new GLatLng(50);center = new GLatLng.

9482, -114. 566 );addMarker(center,'');center = new GLatLng(49. 2286386182, -111. 01607515);addMarker(center, '');center = new GLatLng(50. 8341726938, -108. 035759844 );addMarker(center,' Riding and ropping, cowboy cookies sur le champ de tir, des bûchers grillés sous les étoiles, des paysages magnifiques, et l'hospitalité à domicile vous laissera avec u ');center = new GLatLng(50. 838, -122. 875);addMarker(center,' winding your way past the icy cles qui voûte dans le ciel bleu cristal, descendant dans les prairies de fleurs alpines sauvages, éclatement w');center = new GLatLng(50. 838, -122. 875);addMarker(center,' Explorer the vastamed unt rimed wildness of the South Chilcotin Mountains and the Big Creek Provincial Parks.

For those with some');center = new GLatLng (60. 721188, -135. 056839);addMarker(center,' This trip is a wild horse adventures that will take you to one of the most amazing areas of the Yukon!

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