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Riding courses for horses

Locate riding lessons in your area at local riding schools throughout the UK with a list of centres offering riding lessons. It has five miles of bridle paths and two outdoor riding arenas for more formal riding lessons and dressage. If you are looking for horseback riding, pony riding, horseback riding or riding lessons in Hyde Park, please contact us today. Riding and riding lessons in London. The Kilnsey Trekking and Riding Centre offers riding lessons and stable management for children from the age of four and adults.

Lée-Valley Riding Centre - Riding instruction, Livree Service, Livree Yacht London, Horseback Riding, poney riding and chopping in London

The Lee Valley Riding Centre is accredited by the English Horse Society and provides riding instruction for all levels from novice to expert rider, as well as excellent riding opportunities, with 5* Livree service and first rate London school. If you are a novice, want to return to the game after a rest or are looking for intermediate level instruction in competitive sports, the Lee Valley Riding Centre has something for you.

In addition to group and one-to-one classes, the program features birthdays, ponies and night classes. There is a riding hall and two illuminated outside courts, ski slopes and cross-country ski trails, a spectator area and a 5-star paint shop and stable for horse lovers.

Riding for adults - Riding London & ponies London with Stag Lodge Stables

At Stag Lodge Stables we provide a wide range of riding adventures in Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common (both of which are virtually right on our doorstep), along with organised classes for those who want to take horseback riding on a regula-tion. If you are new to riding and would like to see how you approach it, you can have a unique trial lesson with us and see how you progress (but rely on us, you will be thrilled....).

If you are looking for a quiet walk through the wonderful Wimbledon Common or a quicker group excursion through the eagle fern-filled expanses of Richmond Park (the biggest open grassed area within the M25), then we can take care of you. One-on-one and group excursions for grown-ups are offered from our Hirschhütte at the Robin Hood roundabout on the A3, as well as instruction in our Hirschhütte 2, which was specially constructed for this use.

More than 25 trainers and more than 70 ponies, which we divide according to your skills and experiences, so that it becomes an entertaining, secure and thoroughly pleasant one. Riding is not only great pleasure, it is also a great training for your heart and spirit - it strengthens the cardio-vascular system and relieves the ment.

One might think that the driver doesn't move much, but an hour's drive can consume similar categories of energy as a 30-minute run or bike tour - up to 400-500 carbohydrates! Visit us and see why riding for grown-ups is so popular at Stag Lodge Stables.

Horsemen of all abilities can take advantage of lungeing classes, but for the novice it is the logical extension of a Pony Park lesson or one of our favourite 30/60-minute one-on-one sessions. Lungeing classes take place in one of the six stadiums we have at Stag Lodge 2, where we provide a secure and pleasant way to teach the novice rider the game.

Lungeing classes help to enhance your attitude, your equilibrium and your pace and identify areas of difficulty and weaknesses. Our most seasoned horsemen sometimes use lunging classes to hone their abilities, as they can be of great use to any one. Longe is a single lesson in which the instructor in the arena holds the longe and controls the horse while the horse is performing a wide range of activities.

The lunging lessons last several working day or week. Most beginners usually need between five and ten hours of lungeing in the stables of Stag Lodge before they are prepared to be un-clipped and go alone. The lunging lessons will help you: Teach you to keep your horse's movements balanced and followed in walking, seated and trotting.

Teach yourself to get a feeling for the horse that really swings through your back. You' ll be able to sense the horse's pace and how you can use your swing to keep up the pace. Teach you how to drive your resistance-free junctions. Teach you how to adjust your respiration to support the horse's relax and keep its "down connection".

An instructor keeps in touch with and controls the horse at all time. Self-assured standing up and seated must be achieved before the patient can ride independently of the bar. Next step would be to move to the arena-based off-lounge private lessons on our specially constructed Stag Lodge 2 site.

One-to-one tuition is a 60-minute one-to-one course held in one of our seven arenas at Stag Lodge 2 or Richmond Park. For the beginner off the longe, these sessions are also perfect for the more experienced level whose own needs and demands define the contents of the sessions.

Sorry, but we do not have 30-minute adult one-to-one classes. The one-to-one course is also perfect for those who want to improve their riding abilities or move towards a more individual aim; by taking one-to-one classes regularly, one-to-one tuition can develop this at a speed and at a skill that is adapted to the individual horsebacker.

First, a single hour is held in an arena in Hirschhütte 2 (the longe instruction must be finished to advance to this phase). There' s no obligation at this standard - you can buy while driving - but our most favourite is to buy a 10 session unit, as you will get one for free.

As soon as the instructor is satisfied that you have the horse safe and under your command, you can ascend to Richmond Park Richmond & Leads or Wimbledon Common. Here the instructor is riding with your horse on a leash. If the instructor is convinced of your skills, you can loosen up and drive alone.

Attain this point and you have reached a true landmark - riding alone through some of London's most scenic grass! When you are an expert or seasoned horseman and want to experience the breeze in your head and the sound of the hooves under you, this is the ideal time.

We need to judge whether you are new to Stag Lodge Stables (you need to be safe and at ease in walking, trotting and cantering), and then only you and an instructor will go into the wilderness to make an unbound hoe, either on or off the piste, according to the dictates of park signs during the course of the game.

It is an excellent workout if you want to build a certain ability such as traffic security or outdoor driving self-assure. It' a great way to get to know a friends in Richmond Park, perhaps to show them the pleasures of riding. This boyfriend doesn't have to be as good as you, maybe even a full novice, but in this one-hour meeting two of you will be riding out with an instructor.

These can be two skilled horsemen, who will be guided by an instructor, but not bound, or an expert and a beginner; in this case the beginner will be bound to the instructor and you will be riding at the same time. At least three, at most eight seasoned horsemen will set off with one (or two) of our guides to experience the beauties of Richmond Park or Wimbledon Common (it is astonishing how this beautiful landscape looks different than on horseback).

We' re also able to offer mixed-skill heels where the drive can be buried if more intermediate drivers want a few canteens. Like the Group Hack day of the week, this riding event gives you the opportunity to spend your free riding free day in the best environment. We cannot allow you to take part in this trip without a one-hour personal evaluation.

Is there a better way to relax after a hard working days than to join us on one of our amazing public rides through Richmond Park and Ham Common? Starting at Robin Hood Gate, the Public Side meanders through Richmond Park with stunning landscapes and long gorges on the way to one of our two most popular waterholes... You can fall down the Queen's Road/Pembroke Lodge for a sniffer at The Dysart Arms on Petersham Road, or drive out of Ham Gate and onto Ham Common, where a fresh mobile phone in the New Inn Public will prepare you for the drive back to the farm.

When you are a new driver with us, you must first take a private hack so that we can judge your driving aptitude. You' ll have to be sure in all areas of riding to take part in the Pub Race, especially as there are some thrilling canteens along the way. It is a very favourite trip and a lot of pleasure, so please make your reservation early!

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