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Breeches: Sport & Outdoor. Riding T-shirts for the horse lover in your life or a great horse gift for yourself. Ladies Glitter Horse Riding T-Shirt Riding stable XL Silver.

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This is your ideal Jodhpur for daily use with a modern low gradient and light pull-on-style. Ultralripp knees, flies, belt straps and Velcro fasteners make these an affordably priced product. Dover Saddlery has a jodhpurs for all your needs, from the full bench to the knees, from the training to the show.

The Pikeur® Ciara Knee Patches have the right look for the right riding trousers for any location, whether you're looking for the ultimate in training or showjumping. To much fun dressing in the evening, north side frosty winter boots (toddler / toddler / big US child: These snowshoes from Northside have all-weather protective and roasted insulating layers.

Small edges stainless steel bottle with loop closure * Further information can be found under the picture links. O'Neill Neoprene Suits Ultraviolet Sunscreen Youth Basic Skins Short Sleeve Tee Sun Shirt Rash Guard, Light Blue, O'Neill Fashion and Function with our High End Nylon/Spandex Blend, the Skins provides U. Rash coverage with the world famous O'Neill Fit.

Rainwear for trails riding

An inexpensive nylon concho hidden in a bag can be better than nothing if you get busted in the cold, but it offers finite shelter and is almost pointless in the win. And we want practical, safe bags for stowing your cash, car keys, mobile phone, etc. Shoulders in a coat are important.

Unless the cardigan was conceived so that you could move your hands forward to give the horse some reins, the cardigan did not trim it. A few coats were so mellow that we were wondering how they could keep rains out, but they did. Some of the smoothest were the Barbourne and Mountain Horse arena coats.

It' hardly imaginable to drive in a continuous jacket. Kerrits' Coach's Coat was a good-looking, well-cut overcoat. Muddy Creek sleekly raincoated kept riders, saddles, saddle pads and even half the horse sober. It was a great looking jacket and great to be worn. He looked like a traditionally lubricated outback jacket, but was light and breathing.

The majority of these clothes had zips, but zips are generally not watertight, so we wanted to see how the rains stayed outside. Mountain Horse Arena jackets had a slim, self-sealing zip that prevented rains but was more difficult to work with when assembled. During the ride it was simple to stroke the top over the other side to seal it and also "tear" the coat when the rains ceased and it got warmer.

A number of articles - the Dover Sport Riding coat, Equine Couture Amazon Rain Shell, the TuffRider coat and the Muddy Creek Long Raincoat - had this attitude. We saw the seam of a zipper coat get catched as the horseman descended. No matter whether the tester liked flexible sleeves or variable closures, everyone said they had to seal tight and keep the rains out when our hands were pointing forward.

On the outside of a cardigan or cardigan we like to have slit pouches so you can put your cool hand in for a fast heat up. Both the Kerrits Coach's Loat and the Mountain Horse jackets had a flannel-like liner in their bags, which was especially beautiful. Having a dedicated mobile bag is good so you can find your mobile quickly.

Whilst there are mobile bags that are attached to your seat, you want your mobile to remain with you and not with your horse when you separate. TuffRider Ladies Stowaway Rain Jacket had a mobile bag on the outside of the outer cuff. Kerrits Coach's Loat had small, safe mobile telephone pouches both inside and outside the chest of the cloak.

As well as a mobile pouch on the case, the Mountain Horse features a pouch for an iPod inside with a waterproof slit in the neck to pass through the earphone cables (ideal for driving to music). Mountain Horse Arena Jacket's drawcord flaps were in the bags, which was handy.

Trousers and chaps. Whilst we all think of jackets for rainwear, sometimes it is so damp that you also want to keep your feet clean. Ariat Apex trousers kept us drier in the heavy rains. Together with the fitting coat they make a good looking wetsuit. These trousers are fully zipped so you can put them on in the seat.

Their trousers were a little worn out, but the removable stapes and good sized knees kept them in place. Muddy Creek's long chassis were also watertight, but easy to put on when assembled as the leg was separated. These two trousers were worn for long periods without getting too hot in them.

Kerrits' cover-all trousers were thin enough and smooth enough to be rolled up and put in a bag until you needed them, which is a great concept. Muddy Creek half capsules are a good solution. She kept our hide shoes clean and dried in the rains and was light on and off when assembled and small enough to take on a trip.

The Muddy Creek's long cover is recommended for a convenient cover when it rains on trails. Kerrit's cloak is best when you need someone to go from shed to shed. The Ariat Apex jackets and trousers in wetsuits form a robust and durable wetsuit... and yet still provide waterproofness, breathability and ease of use.

Best buy was a hard call, but the pitch goes to Equine Couture Amazon Rain Shell. It' hard to believe that anyone would not like the stylish Barbour coat, but it is pricey. We like the Arena Jacket from Mountain Horse best for an inexpensive all-round riding wetsuit.

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