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Riding Clothing Shop

You'd be horrified at the online shopping." "Equus really grew out of talk I had about a particularly disastrous journey to the saddle business," says Kim. The City Knights - an exclusive horse and rider shop for inexpensive, high-quality horse equipment, horse clothing and riding clothes. It is our goal to offer you everything you need for your horse and your business from one source. There is a large stock of riding caps, boots and riding clothes in our tack shop near Maidstone in Kent.

Horse Riding Apparel - Beaver Horse Shop

Horse apparel in the Beaver Horse Shop, the Harrogate Horse Shop next to Harlow Carr Gardens, range from stylish riding coats to protective apparel such as body protectors. Jodhpurs & B&B riding clothes made of contemporary stretched fabrics in-store. Also riding tshirts like Caldene stretched pants & tacky pants, available in many sorts.

The Beaver Horse Shop provides high class riding clothes & professional adjustment. Treadstep Half and other Riding Chap styles range from the ankles to just below the knees and offer the horseman additional support, perspiration control and stirrups. The BETA Bodyprotector est un leveller 3 bodyprotector - der BETA Bodyprotector standar.

The Beaver Horse Shop, your favourite horse shop for both adults and kids, will provide the best body protector adjustment by skilled personnel. We also have a men's & women's blacks cardigan in store. Riding Stocks & Ties offers a choice of stockpin & stockpin to match your Riding Stocks & Ties shirts or jackets.

Stylish Caldene Showjacket, Whitaker Showjacket & other Ecuestrian Showjackets. Purchase a riding gear that fits for the first occasion you come to Beavers, your regional riding shop.

Caps, riding shoes and clothes in Kent

Don't hurry out to buy a burden of costly gear until you are sure the sport is for you. At the beginning you will probably get by with your own clothes and the most important part of the gear - the riding hat - which you can rent from us until you are willing to buy.

Horse hats: according to the latest BSI norms (at least PAS 105 & BS EN 1384) must be carried and properly installed and fixed. The same applies to all who lead a horse or pony. Apparel: Jodhpur pants are the most comfy pants, but sweatpants or thick tights are sufficient at first.

Multi-layered garments are recommended that give you room to move and allow you to take off the coats if you feel uncomfortable. Jewelry: should never be used when riding or around a horse, except for weddings and small piercing. Bodysuit protectors: are not obligatory, but we suggest wearing for all classes and of course at jumping levels.

The entire equipment and clothes are available in our pro shop and are professionally advised and adapted by our instructors.

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