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Locate your local British Riding Club and information about foreign clubs. UCL Horse Riding Club is dedicated to organising discounted lessons for UCL students of all levels. Pony Club is'the' starting point for all those who are interested in horses and riding, who want to learn and have fun in a safe and caring environment. Wellcome to Cambridge University Riding Club! How's the riding club?

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BRC offers assistance and inspiration to non-professional athletes of all abilities - from committed competitors to recreational horsemen. There are a variety of activities, trainings and qualification opportunities in over 500 venues and centers across the UK. BRC members have the opportunity to join, participate and practice together in BRC member companies at domestic contests, trainings and community outings.

This section tells you more about what membership in a club can do for you and how to join your club to the BRC. Would you like to gain admission to the trainings, contests, qualifications and assistance offered by the BRC? In addition to contests for all skill groups organised by regional associations, the BRC organises six championships per year and shows at some of the largest horse racing tournaments in the UK.

Pre-registration is required to participate in each of our tournaments. There are many different trainings for all seniors and juniors to get the most out of your horse experiences. In 2019 a new BRC competition will be held for BRC participants to look forward to.

Arena-events consist of a spring round directly into a cross-country round on one area. We have a training and show jumper championship with qualification tournaments in all areas supported by KBIS. This championship, as well as the novice winter championships, includes training and show jumps with qualifications in all areas, and it is supported by Equi-Théme.

This championship has a number of higher levels. This championship, supported by Fibre-beet, offers a combination of practice and a challenging category that includes both show jumps and cross-country. This NAF-backed championship offers five categories with a mixture of long and shortformat for junior and senior players, groups and people.

The National Championships supported by the NAF are organised in September with a broad spectrum of categories from advanced level training to style show jumping, covering both championship and immediate starters. Topspec sponsors the Dressage-to-Music Championships, which are great pleasure for individuals and couples of all difficulty grades.

To welcome even more participants, the championship has launched immediate entrance courses. Quadrille, supported by SEIB Insurance Brokers, is also making its selections for this championship and is a great comedy. Bracelet-RC members have the opportunity to participate in a variety of events, such as training, show jumps and cross-country, and to take part in prestige tournaments.

Our qualifications and championships would not be possible without the help of a volunteer. There are a variety of advantages and awards for our club members. Here you will find registration documents, test papers, the BRC handbook, and material to help you apply for your club or center.

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