Horse Riding Coats

Cloaks for horses

Riding jacket styles The Equestrian Outerwear or Equestrian Coats are developed to keep you hot andry in bad conditions. Two-way zippers or semi-openings allow you to stay in the seat without any problems. Our top labels include Horseware, Horze and Mountain Horse. There is the largest range of riding boot from high to high.

We have riding cardigans to keep you cool and cool on the wetest and colder rainy day of the year. Furthermore, our riding apparel is available in a wide range of colours and style. HORZEE, Horseware and Mountain Horse: HORZEE - The HORZEE line was founded by Finn-Tack in 2003.

HORZEE is focused on delivering the highest qualitiy clothes and gear at reasonable cost to horse lovers and individual riders participating in horse riding. For more than 20 years Mountain Horse has been offering horse clothes and shoes. It is a continuously creating fashion riding clothes and launching new ranges twice a year.

Your clothing is long-lasting and provides excellent performances. Several of its cutting-edge clothing products feature built-in security functions, functionality and intelligent designs. Mountain Horse is a top name in the equestrian clothing industry, from zipper dresses to outdoor-boot. The Horseware label provides classical styling with a contemporary touch.

Horseware's garments are available in a wide range of colours with contemporary finish. Her line of clothes comprises jerseys, waistcoats, jackets and accessories. As soon as the temperatures begin to drop, riding coats are indispensable. We have riding cardigans available in many different styles, among them ultra small and 3G. Please see the sizing table on the products page when selecting a sizing.

Our riding coats are made of various different fabrics, so we suggest that you follow the washing and dryer instruction supplied with your cag. We are the world's biggest on-line tackshop with a huge range of horse products: We also take the opportunity to check our rates against other stack stores on the web.

This is done to give our customers the best possible value. If another Stackshop offers the same item at a lower cost, we will adjust it! In addition to our already low rates, we sell every day in every catagory.

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