Horse Riding Day

day of riding

Riding in Iceland is a perfect way to get to know nature better. There are day tours starting from our riding centre, these tours are well equipped. Climb up to experience the pleasure of riding on the friendly Icelandic horse before boarding the bus and visiting the famous Golden Circle. Equestrian trekking for all abilities and age groups. Horsemanship courses, camping trips, working students and helpers.

Horseback Riding Iceland | Day Tours from Reykjavik

Certain trips demand good riding abilities and horse riding ability, others are well suitable for those with little or no riding experiences. All of these trips provide pick-up in Reykjavik. We can also be on site, all of these trips are in Reykjavik or in the immediate vicinity of Reykjavik.

Horseback riding on the renowned "Icelandic Horse" should be a must when you visit Iceland! Reykjavik offers a horseback riding trip and another thrilling adventure. Take part in our family-friendly riding trips in VarmahlĂ­Ă°, about 100 km from Akureyri.

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Come to us and help our buddies with their animal rescue lessons while you are learning about the horse and experiencing a riding class. We will disguise ourselves as trailblazers and find out how precious the horse was for trailblazers and early colonists, then we ride for a great time! Skilled and tolerant trainers will help you to take the rein, give orders to your horse and teach it the art of riding.

It is a roofed riding ring. We will then prepare some horse topics and take some funny horse factsheets home with us. We' re making our own little ponies out of colorful salted pastry and playing Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Horse. It' a great occasion for some cute photos - so make sure you have your own cam and your own clothes.

Day excursion Florence - Chianti with wine tasting 2018

You start your trip in the centre of Florence, where you will get together with your tourist guides and board a mini-van that will make its way to the slope. After 45 min. you will be in the stable and get to know your horse at a security and orienteering event. There is no prior knowledge required for this trip and horsemen of all ability grades are welcome.

Buckle up your supplied riding cap and set off with your instructor into the open Chianti area. Soak up the breathtaking scenery and breathtaking views as you canter through open country and wooded paths. Then after an hours drive back to the mini van to a nearby vineyard where you can take a guided visit of the wineries.

Discover the Chianti's vineyard traditions and the Chianti vinification processes. You will then drive to a breathtaking Italy mansion, surrounded by cypresses and olives, where the cellar of a shop is located. Enjoy a tasty local meal with specialities such as pecorino, bruschettta, prosciutto and pecorino, accompanied by Chianti vin.

You will end your trip and your riding adventure with a detour to the centre of Florence. Notice: This trip is suited for everyone over 14 years, even without riding experiences.

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