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If we can modify the colour of the products9 Yes, you only need to give us your colour samples. If we can modify the colour of the products9 Yes, you only need to give us your colour samples. 5. I can use our company logos on the products9 Yes, all you have to do is submit your company logos. 3 ) Effectively strengthens the vertebral column and aids in maintaining a good body position, developing muscular power and suppleness, training the nervous system to enhance locomotion 4) Builds muscular power and slightly increases metabolism through the sleek "8-shaped" sitting motion.

5 )Basic "8-shaped" movement, together with the forward/backward inclination of the fit, concentrates on the shape of the hips and waistline. ♦ 3 years for pivot bearing, block of weights, sprocket, guide bars and structure parts. ♦ 1,5 years for cable/belt, bearing, spring. ♦ 2 years for padding, handles, all other unlisted articles. “Ride to Fit II” Total Exerciser with Plastic Stand A horse”

It imitates the moment of a horse acting as a central coach by maximising the power of the stomach, lumbar and skeletal musculature of the central body. Q3: What is your prepayment period 9 A: 30 working days after receipt of the deposit usually. Timely deliveries, usually 15~20 workingdays after order confirmation.

"It'?s High Source, Senior Leader" that?s the way it works. Pictures will be taken for you and we will provide you with the trackingnumber for the shipment. Volume manufacturing lasts approx. 15-45 workingdays because the delivery is dependent on volume. We have a highly trained and experienced staff of professionals and we will check the product throughout volume manufacturing.

Equestrian electrical exercise machine. Fitness Equipment Electrical Equestrian Equipment We are exporting to USA, Germany, Spain, Japan, South America and Middle East countries. Our company has good exporting experiences and a dependable system of ensuring our products' reliability. Levels of exercise are to get a individual to do the exercise according to his own tempo, as it has for exercising leg and arm exercises for better workout and more efficient results.

A: Yes, we have a highly experienced staff of professionals with a wealth of expertise in the development and manufacture of packagings. If you have a QC9 A: Yes, we place great value on QC.

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