Horse Riding for Kids

Riding for children

Remember and create an adventure of a lifetime for your family! The riding holidays of our children are grouped by age and ability. Horse Riding and Pony Holidays for Kids in Colorado

The children are divided into different groups: Teenagers, Mustang (6-12 years) and Cowpoke ((3-5 years). Teenagers can experience the best of riding and camp-like activity at the same times, from white-water canoeing tours and horseback riding to the lakes. Willangs will get their own horse for the whole group.

During the whole month the children are developing their riding abilities under the guidance of their expert instructors. Riding trips are full of adventures when they go to the hiding place of the Blue Dot Forest's Shorty's Cabin, the hiding place of the Blue Outlaw's. The Blue Dot Forest is a mythical forest. Cowboys do not yet have their own horse, but can be guided by our Ranchpony Katie.

This experience will make you fell in love with your holiday in the Wild West of Colorado.

Cultivating a good horse for children

Horseback riding is much more than just riding know-how." Therefore, a horse can be a life-supporting option for your child." When Margaret Coon was with the United States Pony Clubs, she learnt a great deal about first aids and emergency response. "This level of serenity under duress is customary with pony club kids.

Margaret's mom, Ruth Harvie, says the event is just one of many that affect her kids, all of whom grew up on horseback. "She says today, "I can't tell you how many thanks my man and I have given to God for the Pony Club. "How can you educate kids better," says the dad of three kids, all of them horsemen.

" Pluhar's oldest boy, Zane, was awarded the Texas Quarter Horse Young Association's prestigious Texas Quarter Horse Prize in January. "Horse riding and showing teach young people to be prepared and have the guts to compete," says their mother Jenny Pluhar. "Horseback riding family have always known that a horse is good for a child, but now research is the proof.

A survey funded by the AYHC has shown that horse riding actually improves a number of childrens lifestyles. This survey examined the young people in 4-H, Pony Club, the National Quarter Horse Youth Association or the National High School Rodeo Association in an East and West State.

The results of the survey, which was released in February 2006, showed a significant correlation between equestrianism and lifestyle competence. "cIf your kid loves pets and you're worried about the child's problems, goals, or decision-making ability, you should definitely get her in touch with horses," says Dr. Ann Swinker, Ph. D., Ph. in Animal Science at Penn State University and one of the co-authors of the work.

A previous study, conducted by the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, found that 4-H horse shows were much more than just an enjoyable activity for kids. "Participation in these shows promotes important abilities such as objective, independence and assertiveness," says Dr. Kathy Anderson, the survey's writer. As a rider, you already know how useful a horse is for a child.

But if you are not, you may be amazed to know how constructively the use of horse. Here is a brief overview of what "growing up with horses" can mean for your child: Tremendous accompaniments in infancy. They attract kids by nature, which makes them a popular choice for television, web browsing or just hang out.

" Riding also brings the kids into contact with the countryside and can be taken alone or in groups. If the whole familiy gets in on the act, the amount of horse riding can strengthen the bonds between the members of the familiy and become the material for valuable reminiscences of familyhood. Furthermore, the advantages of horse participation are permanent, since a child's "horse habit" can develop into a worthwhile, life-long pastime.

Handling, riding and taking care of a horse or Ponies can have a variety of beneficial qualities in a baby, which include sense of personal commitment, sense of direction, tolerance, patience, prudence, sympathy, kindness as well as self-discipline. Dr. Anderson's poll of young people taking part in 4-H horse shows identified studying how to do their best and building self-esteem as one of the greatest advantages of her commitment.

"Equestrians can't be made to think they are responsible or to say yes if they know they should say no," notes Dr. Janet Sasson Edgette, a horse-riding and children's, youth and familiy psycologist and writer of Heads Up: Ustical Sports Psychology For Riders, Their Families, and Their Trainers (wwww.HorseBooksEtc. com or wwww.

Horse riding allows children to see how their decisions, attitude and behaviour impact on the other beings around them," sheds. "Horse riding enhances a child's concentration and intensity," says California coach Carol Dal Porto, who is preparing the kids to race on the Appaloosa racetrack. "When you ride a 1,200 pound beast.

" Later on, this learnt focus is reflected in the school work of the kids, "to the joy of the parents", Dal Porto added. There are many ways to develop your child's managerial and managerial abilities, especially if he or she is in a group such as the Pony Club, 4-H, or the group of young people in a breeding group. "To hold a position, lead a smaller group of kids, work on a program - these are all ways young people study and grow," says Mary Fay, 2003 American Young Horse Council Leader of the Year.

"They are required to keep a record of their times, activity and spending on it. They' re all important lifelong learning abilities. Horseback riding is a great practice. "Folks who think the horse does all the work have never really ridden," says Katie Phalen, trainer at Waredaca Farm in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Aside from the advantages of aerobics, riding also aids a young person to build his or her equilibrium, co-ordination and agility, she states.

In addition, the horse care related activity - looking after, lifting pails and calipers, tidying stables - can provide great training for the groom. Even when kids are learning how important good diet, vet examinations, dentistry and proper physical activity are for a horse, they begin to appreciate their own medical needs.

OK, but aren't ponies high? "A pony club father summarized it like this," says Melanie Heacock, former chairwoman of the Pony Club. "I knew that when my teenage girl turned 13, I would spend a great deal of cash at the grocery store, on behavioural advice, or on a horse. I' ve chosen a horse, and I' ve never had any regrets.

'" Now in the twenty-first-century when parenting is not a task for the faint-hearted, youngsters in their" frightening" years from youth to young grown-up. The American Youth Horse Council, Inc. Publish several books of interest to new horse breeders (see "Resources").

The results of the survey "The Impact of Equine Activities on Youth Development" are now available. Published the Horse Industry Directory, the most complete list of horse-related organisations in the country.

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