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riding gear

SmartPak equestrian clothing and equipment. You can see our riding clothes and English riding clothes from the training to the show ring. Women riding clothes, riding boots or riding equipment from Kerrits, Asmar or Ovation. Ladies riding boots & clothing for English and Western riding. When riders can't have just one horse, think of all the possibilities of equipment!

Riding Equipment & Clothing

If you put your horse's additions on AutoShip, you can take good charge of your horse, so we take good charge of you with SmartPerks! If you order your horse's additions on AutoShip, you are automatically* entitled to our FREE SmartPerks benefits: At least one custom AutoShip surcharge or SmartPaks for horses must be above $40.

Since you have your horse's additions on AutoShip, you get all the days, every single working days on almost everything we at SmartPak are selling, thanks to your SmartPerks. Most of the additional articles we have can be sent free of charge by synchronizing them with your AutoShip order, sending them on a Barn Saver shipment date, or by providing a group of additional articles with a combined value of more than $75.

Riding Clothing Anglo-Saxon Riding Clothing

You will find just the right thing in our extensive range of British riding clothes, from training to show ring, from sun to sun. Choose your ideal riding gear for saddles, stables and more. You will find all the riding clothes and riding clothes you need to equip men, ladies and kids, from school to tournament ring.

We have a large range of riding clothes to help you find the right riding pants, show jackets and show jackets, shoes, helmets, leisure wear and more! Featuring all your favourite British riding gear labels such as AriatĀ®, Tailored Sportsman, KerritsĀ®, Grand Prix, Pikeur and more, you' re just a click away from practical and stylish riding gear.

Riding equipment for ladies

Riding clothes, riding shoes or riding equipment from top labels like Kerrits, Asmar or Ovation. Riding Collection for women - in style! New show-shirts, a nice necktie, snow riding shoes or a cuddly down riding cloak - all are welcome presents. Shopkeepers who are looking for the latest riding pants, riders or riding mitts will be spoilt with a selection!

All the best breeches, Irideon breeches and horzone riding boots are available, all with our cash back warranty.

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