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Security is the top priority when riding and a riding hat is one of the most important equipment you need to buy. You can protect your head while riding with our riding caps. As most equestrian clothing, the design of riding caps has its roots in a combination of tradition and practicality. The right safety gear plays an important role in the safety of handling horses and riding. Explore our collections of premium and custom riding helmets for jumping, dressage, cross country and endurance.

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Wearing protection is important in any high-risk activity and riding is no different! What is the best way to select your riding hat? There are two kinds of headgear to select from: one size and one size and one size. What kind of harness you select depends on your driving skills and your level of expertise.

What maintenance do you need for your riding hat? While your riding hat looks good after a crash, it is likely to have become less effective. Falling, even if there is no apparent injury, may impair the protection. Carry your hardhat in a cushioned pocket, avoiding undue shocks and exposing it to a source of warmth.

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Protect yourself while riding with our protection garments here at Ride-away. Horseback riding in elegance with our lovely choice of riding hats or select one of our headgear caps according to your selected school. Every horseman knows that good security gear is indispensable to be secure on the road, so Ride-away has put together a fabulous line of sturdy, hard-wearing and hard-wearing riding caps and bodies, as well as a wide variety of bodysuit protection and accessoires to suit your needs.

Combine your new riding cap or bodysuit with some of the other great items in our line, such as long riding shoes, breeches and riding coats for a stunning new riding look. Have a look at the Hutseiden line, which is adapted to your look and helps you to keep your new riding cap in good state.

Top labels like Charles Owen, Airowear, Point Two and Gate House, all available here at Ride-away Equestrian.

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