Horse Riding Helmet Sizes

Riding helmet sizes

Several sizes/colours are suitable for Prime. Helm size guide You can use a scale to take your eyebrow one centimeter above your skull. Or, use a cord to determine the length of the cord, then place it and determine the length of the cord. Choose the helmet you want to buy and check the available sizes and order accordingly.

20516 21 23 Disclaimer: This table is only a guideline and does not represent a warranty for the fitting of the helmet. There may be individuals with a distinctive form of skull that changes in height. You can find that some headgear suits other headgear better than others.

Guide to fitting the helmet

If the helmet is equipped with this function, go to DialFit? Put your helmet on. Fold the inner upholstery under the flaps of FlipFold? to get more or less cushions. Set the sliders on the seatbelts so that they are under the ear and create a "V". Set the length of the retaining system bands so that they lie tightly under your mandible and use the O-rings to retain the overflow.

In order to refine your fitting, activate DialFit or set the slide control on the rubber ribbons of SureFit? Use the helmet on your helmet, make sure that the buckles are tight. You have made the wise decision to drive with a helmet that has been approved.

Next thing to do is make sure it's the right helmet for you - not your best boyfriend or your best sibling or your sibling. Helmet are available in all forms, sizes and colours. A helmet that suits your boyfriend may not be the best for you, even if you look like the same height.

A number of heads are better suited to certain types of helmet. Horsetail, ties, headband or any other styles can alter the shape of a helmet. Have the helmet lie around the whole of your helmet without applying force. Shudder your skull. When there' s no movement, it's a good indication that it will work. Sitting horizontally on your brow, it should cover your brow.

If you close and set the holding system, the chinstrap should sit well and you should enjoy your helmet. You should be less conspicuous and more relaxed when you use it. Do not buy a helmet that is too big because you think it will be suitable next year. Now you need one that suits you!

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